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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am pleased to say that the sweet Amanda over at: My Scrappin Obsession has gifted me this lovely award. Thank you for thinking so much of my blog to extend such a kindness.
In receiving this award you agree to the following:

1-Thank the person who gave it to you.
2-Copy the award to your blog.
3-List 3 things you like about yourself.
4-Post a picture that you love.
5-Tag 5 people you would like to give the award to.

The picture that I love:

These are my beautiful babies- Need I say more?

The 5 blogs I am sharing this award with are:
Carolyn @ The Scrap Avenue
Stephenie @ SS Crafter
Savannah @ savannahland2
Anna @akellyscrafts.blogspot.com

The 3 things I like about myself are:

1-The ability to see the best in people.
2-The amount of patience I have.
3-The capacity I have to love.

Off I go to share the love!
Have a great day.


Hey There Everybody!

Today's featured tool is brought to you by PROVOCRAFT & it is the new :

Check this thing out!!
Just when you thought they had outdone themselves with the expression along comes this baby.

It will debut on HSN on September 14th.
The price point on this is currently $599.99. I am certain HSN will make a good deal of it though & possibly include any accessories package as part of a bundle so stay tuned for its' arrival.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Do you have a particular tool, gadget or supply that you just have to keep at your fingertips when crafting? Something that can simply "hook" on something & it's just there when you need, out the way when you don't?

How about using a purse hook/hanger to keep your must have craft supply "hanging" around super close?
For example: a cricut cutting mat, a digital camera, a glue gun, a heat gun, etc...

Here's what they look like & how to use them for purses but just adapt that same idea & use it to hang any of the tools of the crafting trade that you want close to you.

The gentleman in the video sells his on the website- chattgifts.com.

There are many online vendors but you can find them in malls, boutiques and where purses are sold. The prices vary.

Yes, whatever you chose to hang off the purse hook should have some kind of handle or strap but there are many items we crafters use that do- so this might be an ideal solution for you. Keep this pretty purse hook in mind to take along to crops, crafting getaways & conventions as a way to hang your totes or purses too.

Okay, so that is it for this week's tip. Just providing you with another use for a practical product that crafters can incorporate into their lives.

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay, so it's that time. Sorry to make you all wait so long but my little girl has been out all day with her friend enjoying Niagara Falls and is still not back yet.

So...rather then make you all wait for her to pick the winner, I have used random.org to assist me.
I had 14 comments total so I used the random generator & it chose...

LUCKY # 7 ... the 7th comment was made by Sharon!
Congrats Sharon!

By the way, I am feeling super blessed so I am picking one more winner using the random.org system. I am using only the 13 comments since Sharon has already won.

And winner # 2 is...
Lucky # 4...the 4th comment was made by Nikki!
Congrats Nikki!

Now drop me a line here on my blog or at archivingangel@yahoo.com to provide me with your address so I can send you your prizes.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support.
I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am.

With all the gifted crafters out there it always amazes me that you would be interested in what I have to share.

From the bottom of my humble heart, THANK YOU!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello There!

This Friday find is a fantastic ETSY SHOP called SCRIBBLINGCLUB.ETSY.COM
Her Etsy shop was featured on the Today Show on NBC as recently as August 5th, 2010.
Her prices are reasonable & customizing options broad.

This creative artist makes custom clear stamps & personalized labels.She makes everything from personalized name stamps, kids school labels, address stamps to bookplates, this book belongs to stamps & property of stamps.

Here are a few samples of her work:

You have got to check out her site for inventory & more great products.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In honor of my blog anniversary I am giving away some goodies. If you want a chance to win a surprise collection of goodies, just leave me a comment under this post. I will have my daughter pick a winner & will announce it right here on my blog on Sunday. I truly am humbled by those who have decided to follow along on my blog. I have enjoyed every moment of interaction. I appreciate your comments & feedback. I hope to continue to bring you crafty news, ideas & information that you can use.
Thank you kindly!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


to receive this little pretty!

A special thanks goes out to my sweet blogger friend Melissa over at :

She bestowed this lovely award to me honoring my blog.
I am grateful & humbled.

Now I am passing it on to a few others:

Sharon @ lilprincesscardcreations.blogspot.com
Stephanie @ alwayscrafting.blogspot.com
Anne Marie @ annemariej@blogspot.com
Denise @ vintagescrappin.blogspot.com
Dorcas @ 4craftyangels.blogspot.com

They are all unique & talented bloggers who have inspired me & will do the same for you. Visit their sites & get to know them.
There are so many other wonderful bloggers out there. It is difficult to only pick a few but maybe by each of us sharing it with others we will spread the good cheer to all.

All the best & crafty goodness!



Hello All!

This week's featured tool is the Melting Pot by Ranger.
It melts Ultra Think Embossing powders for use in all kinds of crafty projects.

Looks like a lot of fun, right?

Hope you enjoyed this week's tool.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Happy Monday!

This week's tip borrows a little something from the kitchen...yes...again.

That little something is cookie cutters!

If you can get a hold of some cookie cutters, use them as stencils, for stamping or just to dangle off your mini recipe books.

Often times at yard sales, thrift stores & vintage shops you can purchase bags of them for real cheap.

I wish this idea had come to me while I was at a shop while vacationing in Florida. I spot a bag at a thrift store & the sticker on it quoted a variety pack of 50 for 50 cents. How crazy is that?

Then I get home & I am cleaning out some kitchen drawers & stumble on a few that I had in a baggie & it was labeled for playdoh use only. Ha...so I have been crafting with cookie cutters for playdoh use- but, had not thought of using them to trace or even stamp with??? Well, there you have it...this week's tip...if you have some rusted out or unused cookie cutters laying around, use them in your paper crafting adventures.
Don't have any? Go shopping!

I know, I know...what an enabler!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello All!

This week's find is : Canvas on Demand.

It is a transformation of one of your beloved photos onto canvas. They offer 11 sizes from 8"x10" to 40"x60". The prices vary & depend on the type & size of canvas you select.
They have samples on their website of which I included a few below.
Their site is: www.canvasondemand.com. Check out the site for more detailed information.
Look at these beautiful samples:

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hey everyone...
It may seem like an odd title but I felt it necessary to relay because my blog is not looking itself lately. Recently, it appears I hijacked my own blog and not in a good way.
I was trying to remove the photobucket background and in the process removed my background. I am no computer wiz nor do I have sufficient background with HTML coding to recognize what I have done but I now am on a mission to fix it.
I was on a waiting list to have a blog makeover but something happened to the person who was going to do it & now the list has basically been halted.
So, until I can either fix it myself or find someone who can redesign my blog or just help me fix this mess, this blog will continue to look as it does at the moment.
I wanted to better my blog but instead I botched it up.
For that I am sorry but rest assured I will bring it back from the brink of badness.
Thank you all for following anyway & leaving such interesting comments.
I am so grateful.
For the moment it would appear my content is substantial enough to keep you warm, kind-hearted crafters coming back. Make no mistake, I will keep the info,tips & tools coming.
Please hang in there with me as I continue to find a way to mend my computer woes.
Again, thank you kindly.
Big Hugs!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This week's featured tool was just released at Summer CHA 2010 in Chicago and is brought to you by the genius people at: We R Memory Keepers.

It is the SEW EASY TOOL. The tool is a simple roller with a handle that pokes a pattern of holes in paper when it is rolled across the paper.The roller has interchangeable heads that can make different patterns of holes for different types of stitching. Each head’s pattern can be used to make at least three different stitching styles. With an MSRP of only $7.99 for the tool and $2.99 for the extra heads, it is a very affordable way to quickly make perfect stitching! The tool needs to be used on a foam mat to work correctly. A 7 x 12 mat has an MSRP of $7.99.
We R Memory Keepers is also offering extra-thick packs of floss and needles with extra large openings. Given the current state of the economy, this tool looks like it packs of lot of punch for little pennies compared to the big hitters at CHA.

Check it out in action:

Monday, August 16, 2010


Happy Monday!
This week I offer a different way to store some of your most loved papers in style. If you want some paper at your fingertips, ready for the grabbing you may want to think about grabbing a dish rack.
You can use this as a way to keep a continuous stock of paper at the ready. As you run out you will be able to see what is depleted and replace it. This way you won't have all your paper out but plenty for your immediate crafting needs.

There are many styles and they come in different finishes. Here are a few pics of some.

I love the wrought iron ones. You can easily insert 25-50 sheets of cardstock all lined up in a row. They would look so pretty displayed on your desk. But more than the pretty factor is the function factor. The paper within your reach.

Happy Crafting All!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Good Day All!

This week's fabulous find is the Portable Photograph to Digital Picture Converter.
I know...it's a mouthful but this portable device converts your cherished photographs to digital format without being tethered to a computer. It accepts up to 4"x6" prints and scans them up to 300 dpi resolution, quickly converting each photograph into an individual,high quality JPEG digital picture file which is saved onto your preferred memory card.

This converter supports MS, MS-Pro, MMC, XD and SD memory card formats. The included 512MB SD card can store up to 250 pictures at the highest resolution. Once stored on to a memory card, you can transfer your pictures to a PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP, or to a MAC for additional editing as you desire using the built in USB port & cable.

It retails for $99.95 through www.hammacher.com.
This site also carries other interesting photo conversion gadgets.

Hope you enjoyed today's find.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello Bloggers!

For this week's tool I thought I would share Tim Holtz's Vagabond.
Gotta love when something so functional is disguised as something cute too!

So fabulous!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hello and Happy Monday Bloggers!

This week's tip is a quick & simple one that can really be quite helpful.

Adhere a measuring tape on the edge of your work table for easy sizing or measuring.

This works great especially when measuring out fabrics & ribbons.

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Awards From Stephanie...Thank You

I received these 2 fabulous blog awards from the sweet Stephanie over at:
She is a wonderful lady full of crafting spunk! You have got to check out her blog.
I will be sharing this with a dozen others as per the receiving rules.
Thank you so much Stephanie.
You are fantastic!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello Bloggers!

Thanks for coming by today.
This week's find attempts to help the digital photographer in you.

I for one am hoping to purchase a new digital camera in the near future. So I was researching sites to learn as much as I could about the world of digital cameras & photography. In doing so, I came across this wonderful site which is today's fabulous Friday find.

It is: http://photographycourse.net!

They have a Film and Digital Photography Course which offers FREE photography lessons and tutorials ranging from the basics of film, optics, cameras and light to web page layout and digital photography. Their courses are packed full of photography tips and advice, built for the novice and professional alike. Perfect for those wanting to know more about film and digital photography.

I highly recommend heading over to check it out. If you are lucky enough to own a digital camera and want to learn some cool tips & tricks on how to make the most of your camera & how to capture great photos this is must see reference site for you.

As always...happy crafting.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hello Bloggers!

This week's tool is brand spankin' new & brought to you by the lovely Teresa Collins.
It is the Teresa Collins Stampmaker.

Here is a video of the Stampmaker as demonstrated by Teresa Collins herself:

It will be retailing for $169.99
This certainly looks like a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoyed this week's featured tool.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Checking in for Mom

Hi everyone! My mom is away and unfortunately does not have internet access (It's like the dark ages at my gram's house and I REALLY think she needs a smartphone for times like this!). She misses all of her blog friends and is looking forward to getting home to chat with you guys!

I am also supposed to thank everyone for the comments. I know my mom will be writing you all back when she returns.

My mom's next trip is to come see my new house and help me decorate(yes, she's great at that too!)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Happy Monday!

With Summer Season in full swing I thought I would share a few ideas on how you can capture your memories with more than just photos.

Whether you are going away on a vacation or having a stay-cation, you can keep these tips in mind to help you remember those moments, scrapbook them & document them.
1- Get a recyclable bag or plastic shoebox to hold all your paper memorabilia from your trips and/or adventures whether they are local or far.
2- Keep receipts, ticket stubs, maps & guidebooks from your tours, activities or destinations.
3- Buy postcards of your destinations, jot down the date & a quick note of how you were feeling, what you did & other details you will want to remember.
4- Grab menus and/or business cards of the places you have been. Circle what you ate and just jot down the who, what where & when of it all right on the back of the card or menu.
5- Keep a notepad with you at all times or within arm's reach so you can write comments, observations & anything you deem story worthy along the way. This way you can do so when the story is fresh in your mind.

Hope this ignites a few ideas of your own to help you preserve your precious memories.

Have a great week!