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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"TOOL TIME TUESDAY"- The Petal Roller

Hi there & thanks for stopping by.


This simple looking tool will help you turn out some stunning flowers.
It has a 5mm ball on one end and a quilling tip on the other.
The thin end is perfect for tight paper curls while the broader ball on the other end makes subtle curls on petals and leaves.

It retails for $7.99 on scrapbook.com and Two Peas in a Bucket.com

Imaginisce has created the Roly Rosies & Pop up Posies paper flower die cuts to work
in conjunction with this wonderful tool. It begins as a flat spiral instantly becoming a textured, gorgeous, 3D blossom. Simply take your Petal Roller tool (sold separately), start rolling the outside of the spiral and keep going! Each package includes eight sheets and makes up to 24 flowers. Four styles and three sizes – which are: Large - 4.25", Medium - 3.25" and Small - 2.75". These retail for $4.99 on Scrapbook.com.

Here are what the die cut options will look like once used with the petal roller tool:

Let's check it out in action:

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Tool Time Tuesday.
Catch ya next time!

Monday, November 29, 2010

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#65) Brass Stencils Anyone?

Hello Bloggers!

Do any of you still have or remember those "old style" brass stencil plates?

If you are like me & have not used yours in a while get ready to dust them off and pull them out for a little fun.

I was reorganizing my craft stuff yet again and found some old brass stencil plates. I was going to put them in a donate pile but then it occurred to me that I could probably find a use for them. So I did what most of us paper crafting hoarders do. I rescued it from the donate pile & set it aside to get inspired with ideas on how I could use them.
Here are a few ways I came up with on how to make the most of them:
-Use them for cards
-Use them to make homemade embellishments
-Use them as accents on projects
-Use them to make your own custom scrapbooking paper

Now ultimately the stencil will be a mask but the mediums you use with it are what will give one stencil plate many looks. You can certainly use just a portion of the stencil image by putting a post it sticky note over the portion you don't want to work with. Then apply your medium of choice on the areas of the stencil you do want exposed on your project. It's all up to you.

Use removable adhesive to hold down the brass plate on all four corners.Then
get to work with your favorite medium or try a new one. You can experiment with these brass plates on a smaller scale before venturing off to use them on a whole project. The size of these brass plates makes them easy to work with, transport, store and gift.

Some mediums I thought to experiment with are:
-Ranger Dauber Paint
-Claudine Helmuth's Studio Paint
-Pearl Mists
-Glimmer Mists
-Crackle Paints
I hope this inspires you to bring out those ol' brass plates!
Have fun.
Tune in tomorrow for Tool Time Tuesday!
Until then,

Friday, November 26, 2010



This week's find is the Picture That Sound recordable device which can make your scrap pages come to life with sound.
Here it is in action:

Now imagine using this device to record part of your child's first piano recital, the heartbeat of a baby in the womb, grandpa reading a short story to grandkids, the list can go on.
The retail on this is $24.99 and it can be found at online retailers like scrapbook.com & picturethatsound.com.
Check out their website for ideas & options.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It seems only fitting that on this day I convey my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your blog support & friendship. I have truly enjoyed sharing and communicating with you all via this blog. Have a safe & happy holiday.
I leave you all with these warm words.

Thanksgiving is
a time of gratitude to God, our Creator and Provider,
whose guidance and care go before us...
and whose love is with us forever.

Thanksgiving is
a time to reflect on the changes,
to remember that we, too, grow and change
from one season of life to another.

Thanksgiving is
a time of changing seasons, when leaves turn golden
in Autumn's wake and apples are crisp
in the first chill breezes of fall.

Let us remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
As we see the beauty of Autumn,
let us acknowledge the many blessings which are ours...
let us think of our families and friends..
and let us give thanks in our hearts.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"TOOL TIME TUESDAY" The Grand Calibur

Good Day Bloggers!

This tool time Tuesday I am introducing you to Spellbinders' newest toy.

The Grand Calibur is the latest in Spellbinders' line of innovative cutting machines. It is compatible with all Spellbinders die templates. The Grand Calibur accepts 8½ x 11” paper without trimming.It also cuts or embosses up to 8⅛” wide with the turn of a handle.

With an integrated handle design, and weighing only 10 pounds, the Grand Calibur is portable and convenient to use anywhere. It has a stability base that keeps the machine in place during use.

Die cutting and embossing sandwiches are easy to stack with color coded plates.

Cut and emboss multiple shapes in a single pass. Cut and emboss Grand Nestabilities.

Larger shapes offer endless possibilities for scrapbooking, school projects, mini albums and more!

It is compatible with Sizzlets, Cuttlebug, and Quickuts dies, as well as Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and Fiskars Texture Plates.

Approximate Dimensions:

L x W x H: 16;* x 6¼ x 7¾"

* including the handle

A, B, C, and Embossing Mats 11¾ x 8¼"

Here's how it works:

Its' current price point is $129.99.
(No one said this hobby would be cheap!)

That's all for this week's edition of tool time Tuesday.
Join me next time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#64) Incorporating SCENTS in your projects!

Hello Bloggers!

For this week's tip I wanted to give you a couple of ideas on how you can incorporate the element of scent in your projects.

There are 2 things you can use to bring this unique feature to your crafting projects.
1-Unsweetened Kool-Aid (Any kind will do)Cherry, Grape, Lime, Raspberry, etc...
2-Fresh Coffee Grinds (finely grounded)
What you do is mix into your embossing powder whatever scenting item of choice as listed above. Use approximately a 1/4 teaspoon or so depending on how much of the scent is noticeably aromatic to you.
Stamp an image on your project, sprinkle your mixture, heat with your embossing gun & then let cool completely. You are done.

You can also chose to simply place some fresh coffee grinds or beans or potpourri in a small satchel or mini envelope made of vellum & attach that to your projects, making certain to secure the contents by sealing your pouch or envelope completely. That will give you a scented element on your project as well.

Lastly, to scent cards use a Pure Essential oil.

For example:

- Rose essential oil with photos of roses
- Lavender essential oil with photos of lavender
- Lemon essential oil for lemons or lemon trees
You can even use the oils they sell at Bath & Body works for their oil warmers. Now those are some great smelling oils.

To scent your greeting card/s, simply place 2 drops of the appropriate essential oil (or blend of oils) onto a piece of blotting paper or cotton balls, then place in a self sealing plastic bag with the card that you want to fragrance. Make sure the cotton ball does not touch the card. Lay the bag flat. Seal and leave for 48 hours. When you remove the card it will be delicately fragranced.

I am not sure how long the fragrance will last but I do know that it works. You have got to try this one out for yourself.
I hope you give it a whirl or should I say a whiff?

Friday, November 19, 2010

FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND-An ETSY shop-Blooms, Bits & Bobs...

Happy Friday Bloggers!

This week's fabulous find is PIXIEPETALS.ETSY.COM.

This sweet & talented lady has lots of...as she says...blooms, bits & bobs.
She makes the sweetest embellishments for any of your crafting needs.
Here's a peek:

Did I mention she makes them herself? Check out her Etsy shop for yourself and see what other beauties she has in "store".

Hope you enjoyed this week's find.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"TOOL TIME TUESDAY" The Fastenater by EK Success


This week's tool is brought to you by: EK Success. It's not a new tool but one that should be showcased. It is called the FASTENATER STAPLER.

As you can see it is not your ordinary stapler with your ordinary staples.

Use this "fascinating" tool like a desk stapler to enhance projects of all sorts. A great alternative to using brads! Tool Features: Ability to staple anywhere on a 12 x 12" paper; Alignment Stopper can be moved along ruler base to aid in precision; Loading capabilities just like a regular desk stapler; Comfort grip on handle; Rubber stoppers on bottom keep tool from sliding; Staples up to 5 pieces of cardstock. The Silver Word Staples contain 144 staple bars with a variety of words and icons that you can color with paint, ink or markers. The Silver Word Staples have multiple words per strip so that the staple bars do not need to be changed to create phrases. The Color Staples contain 72 staple bars which have blank surfaces that can be sanded, engraved and more! While it works just like a regular stapler it is NOT a regular stapler. You cannot fit regular size staples in this stapler. It requires those specifically made by EK Success to accompany this tool.

Here it is in action:

Many online retailers sell the tool & the staples as well. They even have a mini version of it along with a staple remover specifically for these one of a kind staples.
It's price point runs anywhere from $18.99-$24.99 depending on where you purchase it. You can use your 40% or 50% coupon on this item at your friendly neighborhood Michael's, Joanne's, A.C.Moore or Hobby Lobby.
The staples run anywhere from $1.99-$5.99. They come in a variety of colors, decorative styles & metallic finishes as well.

I know not too long ago I featured a long reach stapler where the premise is the same. But, one clear advantage with this one is the VARIETY of staples, not only in colors but styles, themes and words. Which is why I decided to also highlight this stapler. It has unique options that may appeal to you more so than the other stapler.
It is always good to contrast & compare then decide based on the facts.

I have one & use it. I think it's time for me to take it out to play again.
Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, November 15, 2010

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#63) Stumped for Ideas/Creativity Block?


Ever get stumped for ideas on layouts & cards?

Sure there are lots of crafting magazines around but you can also find inspiration elsewhere. These days not everyone can afford to purchase the magazines or simply want to use their money to buy scrap goodies.

Marketing & advertising firms pay millions to put together ads that are eye popping to the public and that just make you want to buy. Why not use those ads and simply replace their graphics, art, sentiments, messages & pictures with our own creative input?
No need to reinvent the wheel here. If you receive magazine subscriptions or even sale circulars in the mail you can totally get inspired. You can also go to your local library and browse their magazines all the while jotting down ideas & making sketches of ads that appeal to you.
Use a binder to keep sketches or clippings of those ads that catch your eye and mimic the look using your embellishments, photos and handwriting.
Inspiration is all around us.
Have a great week!

Friday, November 12, 2010

FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND-Technique Video by Melissa Samuels -Ribbon Rose

Today's fabulous find is yet another video but this time it is a technique on how to make a ribbon rose. Melissa Samuels makes the technique look so simple and the flower turns out beautifully. You can find her blog here

She is fabulous!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


To my dear husband & all his comrades in arms, at home & abroad.
To all the spouses of said soldiers who in turn also make quiet sacrifices of their own.
To all the children of said soldiers who count the days til' their soldier returns.
To all the families of said soldiers who with heavy hearts commend their soldier to a cause much greater then themselves.
For Country, For Love, For Peace...we thank you with Love!

Here's a meaningful prose from:Walt Whitman

A Nation's Strength

Not gold, but only man can make
A people great and strong;
Men who, for truth and honor's sake,
Stand fast and suffer long.

Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly --
They build a nation's pillars deep
And lift them to the sky.

Remember to thank a Veteran!
Freedom is NOT free.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey there!

This week's tool is brought to you by Epiphany Crafts and it is the:Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio and Button Studio line of tools which will allow you to create your own custom epoxy shapes or acrylic buttons in just a few, quick, easy steps.

There are several shape options. If you would like more information on the other options please head over to the Epiphany Crafts website
here for more details.

As the video below will show, you basically slide your paper through the slot, stick one of the round bubbles or acrylic in the little hole on the top, place the plastic insert tool into the punch, close the cap and push just like a regular punch. The bubble has adhesive and as it punches the shape to fit the back of your bubble the adhesive attaches to your paper and poof, you have a wonderful round epoxy shape! Or in the case of the button it is basically the same concept except it also punches the button holes for you & your are using acrylic.

The round button maker makes a round button that is 20mm = 3/4 inch.
Epiphany Crafts sells it for $24.95. I am sure other online retailers sell it as well.
Other shapes include: hearts & flowers. They also come in 2 sizes.
This is great for custom designing buttons to match & coordinate with all your projects.
Lots of possibilities!

So fun!

Monday, November 8, 2010

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#62) What to do with prickly tools...

Hello Bloggers!

Ever have sharp tools like the Quick Stik, a paper piercer or needle laying around your work space give you a prick or a poke?
This week I share one little thing you can use to help you keep your "prickly" tools handy but not hurt your hands when reaching for it.
Ready to read what can help solve this dilemma?

...WINE CORKS! If you don't have any, ask a friend or relative to save you a few or you can even get a few from a local restaurant that serves wine.

Just insert your pointy quick stik, paper piercer or needle into the wine cork & your done. No more pokey, sharp ends waiting for unsuspecting fingers. Your tool will still be able to be stored in an upright or horizontal position and you will always know that the tool with the wine cork attached is the tool with the sharp tip.
I happen to think they will look cute too- maybe that is the wine talking!
Okay everybody, hope this helps someone out there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you stop by tomorrow for the tool time segment.
Have a great week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND-A Video of a Pop Up Slider Card being made

Happy Friday Bloggers!
This week's find is a video of a surprise pop up slider card made by DAWN @ Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.
It is so cute!
She's always got something unique & creative up her sleeve.
I thought you would enjoy this different take on a card.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello There! Thanks for stopping by.

Today's tool is brought to you by: SIZZIX.

Check this sweet thing out from the king of crafts:

It can cut paper, cardstock, fabric, grungeboard, chipboard, book board, acrylic & more. The idea that with a touch of a button you can die cut &/or emboss just makes my heart feel super happy. I know, I know...cranking isn't that difficult but I must admit I love the look of this machine. The functionality, form and automation just make this an all around winner.

The price point on this is $249.99 retail (I know...yikes!) on Sizzix.com or Simon Says Stamp.com.
I did find it at a pre-sale price at A2Zscrapbookingsupplies.com for $199.99.
It is slotted to begin selling in November 2010.

I for one have the Cuttlebug & the Texture Boutique but can't help wanting this one too. Is that so wrong?

I hope you enjoyed this week's tool.
Catch ya next time!

Monday, November 1, 2010

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#61) Protecting Your Craft Surface

Happy Monday Bloggers!

Here are a few tips on how to protect your crafting surface without costly expense. Keep in mind if using a heat gun or glue gun you don't want to expose your wax paper or contact paper to the heat for an extended period of time.It will probably melt.

1-Buy a roll of contact paper and adhere it to your work surface. I think some dollar stores sell them. When it gets all used up you can easily remove it and apply a new sheet. You don't necessarily have to cover the entire table area either.
2-Use a sheet of wax paper taped on to your work surface. Even if just temporarily it will help protect the surface. Especially when crafting with items like paint, inks & glitter.
3-Go to your local hardware store like a Lowe's or Home Depot and purchase a single 12x12 marble, ceramic or porcelain tile square. Often times they allow this as a sample purchase or when they have tile squares that don't make up a full case they discount them deeply as in .77 cents. Before I got my craft sheet 2 years ago that is what I did and I dare say it worked quite well. I purchased a marble tile. It stood up great to the heat gun and the glue gun. It cleaned well too. When I got my craft mat I gave the marble 12x12 square to my former neighbor who swears by it til' this day. She won't spend the money on a craft mat.

4-One other thing you can use in place of a craft mat specifically for when you use your heat embossing gun or glue gun is a silicone oven baking mat. They sell them at Big Lots for much cheaper then a ranger craft mat & it works super well!

I hope you find this helpful.
Until next time!