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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Hi Crafters!

Thought you might enjoy a little Halloween Humor.

Check out the video below:


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday- The Procision Paper Trimmer by Fiskars

Hey there Crafters!
Today's tool is brought to you by Fiskars & it is their new Procision Paper Trimmer.

This brand new rotary trimmer  features a unique dual-rail system that stabilizes the rotary blade, eliminating wiggle for straight, perfectly precise cuts. As a bonus, it cuts a wide range of thick materials. Additional innovations include a spring-action rotary bypass blade that stays sharp and never needs to be replaced, a built-in paper guard, grid line measurements on the top and bottom so you can use the base to your left or right, a top-quality work surface for long-lasting performance and a convenient folding design to take up less space during storage and transport. Other features include:
  • Paper Guard - Lifts open for easy project placement
  • Rotary Bypass Blade Carriage - Bypass cutting style means the rotary blade never gets dull and never needs to be replaced (Love This!)
  • Accuracy - Bold accent grid lines include 1/16" increments and metric measurements
  • Permanent Grid - Anti-wear grid printed from underneath
  • Expanded 2.5" Grid - Opposite-side extended work surface provides versatility for cutting extremely narrow materials
  • Folding Deck - For easy storage and transportation (13" base deck that folds at 5.75" grid line)
  • Rubberized Feet - To keep the trimmer in place and protect work surfaces
  • Carriage Storage - Blade carriage locks into storage slots at either end so you can lift the paper guard and rearrange materials
  • Paper Guard Lock - Secures Paper Guard to hold your project in place while cutting

  •  Check out the video below :

    It retails for $119.99 USD.

    Yes, a bit pricey but this one sure has lots of upgraded features. Wish we could use a coupon on this puppy!

    Monday, October 29, 2012

    Crafting Tip of the Week #155- Shoeless Shoe Storage

    Hi Crafty Friends!

    Today I thought I would share a storage solution tip.

    You know those shoe cubby storage units designed to hold your shoes?
    Why not give it a try in your craft room?

    I purchased one at Target on sale for under $15 USD and it has 15 cubbies.
    I then purchased some really cute bins from the dollar spot at Target to place inside the cubbies and those hold my flowers.
    Want to see?
    Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but you get the idea.
    I plan on painting those containers because they don't really match my decor and I wanted them to be a neutral color. Then I will hang really cute tags or make labels to place on them identifying the color of flower in each container.
    The empty one is sitting on my craft table. I was able to separate my flowers by colors using this cubby system and it is working great for me. Whenever I want I simply grab the container I need, look through it and select my flower of choice. Then I can easily place the container back in the cubby.

    You could certainly store other things as well. They are rather deep so you could fit 2 of these particular bins per cubby if you needed too. You don't necessarily need to place a storage container in the cubby hole. You can simply use as is to store your hand held tools, adhesives, punches, stamps, acrylic blocks, paints, etc...
    You can definitely get a lot of products, embellishments, tools and other useful crafty items stored in one large surface area with definite separation.

    I hope you found this tip helpful.
    Have a wonderful week!

    Friday, October 26, 2012

    Fabulous Friday Find- The Heidi Swapp Memory File System

    Happy Friday Friends!

    Remember how earlier this week I alluded to the find?

    Heidi Swapp has come out with a Memory File System using her own gorgeous file folder designs.

    Check them out:

    Here's a video for a closer look:

    I know they are for sale HERE .

    What a fabulous way to take a file folder to the next level!

    All the best & crafty goodness...Sonia

    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    Tool Time Tuesday- Another App by none other than...

    Our Crafty Maven....Ms. Martha Stewart!

    It 's her Craft Studio App.

    This awesome app costs $4.99 USD and is available for the i-Pad.

    With this APP you can create keepsakes, assorted greetings, invitations, thank you notes & more. You can choose from an array of colored & patterned paper swatches, import your own photos, embellish with glitter, stamps and stickers. Then you can share them with a tap of the finger. You can send your creations via e-mail, on Facebook and even upload to Snapfish!

    Oh technology!

    Isn't it awesome?

    Hope you enjoyed this week's tool!

    All the best & crafty goodness...

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    Crafting Tip of the Week #154- File Folders are Your Friends

    Hello Crafty Bloggers.

    Today I wanted to share information on how you can use regular, ol' manilla file folders in your crafting.

    I am certain by now you have seen Heidi Swapp's Memory File System. But if not, come back for a visit on Friday for the find.

    Manilla file folders can make great additions in any craft space and not just for organizing your paperwork either.

    By decorating, embellishing, inking and customizing plain manilla file folders you can use them for all sorts of crafty ideas.
    Their sturdy composition and smooth texture really make them strong, suitable candidates for lots of applications.

    Below are a few:

    - Storing & Filing your 8 1/2x 11 cardstock
    - For scrapbooking inside of them
    - For cutting in half & attaching to your various sized albums
    - For using in your Cricut, Cameo or E-Craft
    - For running through your Cuttlebug, Big Shot or Vagabond Machine
    Just remember that if you plan on using them with photos, you should cover them with acid-free, lignen-free paper first. This will keep your photos safe.

    Have a terrific week!

    Friday, October 19, 2012

    Fabulous Friday Find-Martha Stewart Craft Space Furniture

    Happy Friday Crafty Friends!

    Today's find is brought to you by Martha Stewart & it is her brand spanking new Craft Space Furniture.

    Check them out:

    Don't they look absolutely fantastic? That last table on the bottom in white is actually a collapsible craft table. Talk about a space saver!

    Prices range from $259 & up depending on the piece. Home Depot is carrying a selection of them online. I am not sure if they are in the brick & mortar stores just yet but boy oh boy!

    Yes, I realize this find is pricey but we can dream can't we?

    At least you will know it's out there and when you hit the lottery you can grab yourself a piece or two.

    Have a great weekend!

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    A Birthday Card

    Hello & thanks for stopping in today.

    Just wanted to share a birthday card I made for a special friend.

    After I photographed it I realized that I had 2 gold gems that would work perfectly on the clasp part of the card so I adhered them on but forgot to take another photo. It was the perfect finishing touch. I wish I would have taken another photo to show it because it made such a difference. Also, on the inside that is a pocket that could accommodate a gift card perfectly (or money, or a chocolate piece, or a tea bag).

    Oh well...hope you enjoyed it just the same.

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012

    TOOL TIME TUESDAY- The Cutterpillar Pro

    Hello All!

    Today's tool is the : CUTTERPILLAR PRO!

    It may very well be the last paper & photo trimmer you will need... so they say.
    The gear driven, rotary blade, LED backlight, large platform and lightweight construction are some of its' unique features. In addition, it has a drawer with a compartment built in for storage of cardstock, extra small tools, adhesive, etc...
    Want a peek?
    Okay, here goes:
    Don't you just love the look?
    Here's a little video for a closer look but keep in mind the price point may have changed as this video was released in 2011. Obviously, I am a little late in showcasing this gem of a tool but you know what they say...better late then never!                        

    UPDATE...Here's a video from a fellow crafter where does her review of the trimmer.

    You can head over to Cutterpillar.com to purchase yours if you are so inclined.

    As someone who is always on the lookout for a precise and effective paper & photo trimmer this one caught my eye. And after a little research, it may soon get a hold of my wallet too. I am making due with what I have but I am on the lookout for the next best one.

    Enjoy your day!

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK# 153 - Strip Tease...

    Hello Crafters!

    I know, that post title seems a bit non-family friendly but I guarantee you that it is totally family friendly and especially craft family friendly!

    For this week's tip I thought I would share something I have been doing with my 12x12 paper.

    As many of you know, a lot of 12x12 card stock comes with a strip on the bottom which identifies the paper, the collection and the manufacturer.

    When you use your paper trimmer to cut those off, keep those strips and use them on your layouts, cards and crafty projects.
    I have used mine when paper weaving.
    But here are a few more ideas for them:
    -As paper ribbons
    -To cut into smaller strips to make flower petals ( I made a flower that I placed on a card using strips that I cut and stamped on the plain side of the strip) .
    -As borders-use your punches along an edge of the strip for more interest
    -For journaling

    I am sure you can come up with more ways but the above are just a few of mine.

    Next time you're removing that "pesky" strip on your 12x12 paper, don't pitch it.
    Craft-cycle it!

    P.S. Remember my sympathy card from the Sept. 19th post? The flower on that card was made by craft-cycling  my strips. I cut them down about 2 inches after I stamped them and folded them in half, glued them at the ends, inked the edges and adhered them in a circular motion on a 3 inch circle.

    Friday, October 12, 2012

    FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND- Melissa Frances Mini Hangers

    Good Day Crafty Friends!

    Today's find is brought to by Melissa Frances & it is her MINI HANGERS!

    Oh what you could create and display with these beauties!

    These decorative mini hangers offer a clever and beautiful way to display art projects, photos, jewelry, birthday cards and much more. They're white-washed for a distressed look that lends a shabby vintage flair to your decor.

    She offers the sizes indicated below:

    • 8" scroll hanger
    • 6" flower clip hanger
    • 4" flower clip hanger
    • (4) 4-1/4"L double-clip connectors
    These are definitely versatile, pretty & functional too.

    The prices vary from approximately $2.99 USD for the smallest hanger up to $7.99 USD or more for the largest hanger. Pricing depends on the vendor. I found a small one at my local scrapbooking store for $2.99 and snatched it right up.
    You can find them  at online retailers and your local scrapbooking stores. I have not seen them in our big box craft stores just yet.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    ions about the item on air now? Ask H
    • O

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    More Switch Plates


    Here are a couple more switch plates as promised.

    Believe it or not, I have more in progress.
    Plan on selling them at a local Fall Arts & Crafts Festival.
    My daughter & her friends are big into mustaches, cheetah print, music notes & other animal prints so I have some of those prints available too.
    Not sure if  I will post photos but if you would like to see them, let me know and I will post photos of those.
    Have a great , crafty day!

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    TOOL TIME TUESDAY- The Embellie Gellie

    Hello There!
    Thanks for tuning in today.

    For today's tool I am sharing with you the : EMBELLIE GELLIE.
    Yes, that is its' real name.And, it is not a  new tool but a useful one nonetheless.

    This tool lends a helping hand particularly when you are trying to grab those small items that you want to adhere to your crafty creations.

    Take a look:
    Here's a video from the Taylored Expression Staff to give you more insight:

    You can find it at the Taylored Expressions website HERE for $5.99.

    I currently own a Quick Stick but this one appeals to me as well so I may just give this a try too.
    Hope you enjoyed this week's "tiny tool".

    Monday, October 8, 2012

    CRAFTING TIP #152- Stuck Like Glue...

    Hello Crafty Friends!

    Ever get your glue caps on your glue bottles "stuck like glue" ?

    I know I do but  ever since I have tried this solution that is not an issue anymore, so I thought I would share.

    Now, I am referring to specific bottles that have the screw top lids where you squeeze the adhesive to get it to come out of the tube or bottle. Some examples of the ones I use this tip for are:
    Glossy Accents
    Designer Dries Clear
    To name a few.

    The idea is the same.
    Use a q-tip to apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) along the ridges of your bottle caps on the inside. Be sure that it gets in those grooves. This will allow a gliding action to occur whenever you are trying to screw on or off the bottle or tube tops/lids.  It also helps if you accidentally get adhesive on the outside of your applicator because the petroleum jelly does not allow the adhesive to stick to wherever you applied that petroleum jelly.
    Your bottle cap will twist on & off without sticking to the bottle or tube tip. The petroleum jelly creates a barrier. You may have to reapply from time to time but I have found this to be very helpful in getting my tops off with ease. I find I do not have to exert much force with my hands, fingers or wrists to twist off sticky tops off the glue tubes or bottles . This is definitely helpful for those who suffer from any kind of arthritis or joint problems.

    Let me know if you try this tip & if it works for you.
    It is always great to get feedback.

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    New Creative Endeavor

    Good Day Crafty Friends!
    Just dropping in to share a couple of rings I made using the Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio.

    Gotta love Epiphany Crafts!
    Enjoy your day.

    Friday, October 5, 2012


    Hi There Crafters!

    Have I got a find for you.
    They are zippers but not just any ole' zippers, they are from Prima Marketing's Trinkets Line.
    Take a look at their new TYPO ZIPPERS:

    These would make a great embellishment on any scrapbook page, card or home decor project!
    Oh the possibilities...

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    A Halloween Card

    Hi Crafters!

    I'm entering this card in the MCC Challenge #1 - The Gh'oul Times !

    Thanks to Nana from My Crafting Channel for her visit & lovely comments. Her Halloween Challenge  is off to a super start.
    Go check out her terrific blog & see all the other fantastic entries!

    Just sharing a little Halloween card I made of Frankenstein.
    I broke out my Martha Stewart fringe scissors (which I love) for his little hairdo & eye lashes.

    Isn't he cute?

    Wish me luck!

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012


    Hey Crafters!

    Today's tool is an APP but not just any APP...it's the TIM HOLTZ APP!

    The Tim Holtz App offers "All Tim" @ "Any Time".

    You can access Tim's blog, calendar, videos & more.
    This APP also allows you to keep track of all your Ranger supplies, create a wish list & explore along with Tim on his crafting adventures.

    You can find it HERE at the itunes App Store for FREE!

    So if you have an iphone & want to enjoy a unique way to keep up with Tim, keep track of your Ranger inventory & Tim Supplies as well as watch videos of techniques & tips from Tim, this is the App for you!

    Monday, October 1, 2012


    Hi Crafters!

    Today I wanted to share a tip on how you can use FUN FOAM to make your own double sided foam tape.

    First, I want to say that there are fun foam sheets that come with adhesive and that is the first way to use it to your advantage to make double sided foam tape. You simply just add double sided tape & size it according to your needs .

    You can use self adhesive fun foam sheets in your Cuttlebug and other embossing/die cutting machines as well.  Doing so, you can easily create your own version of Thickers.  Of course you will need a set of alphabet die cuts. Papertrey Ink carries a really cool set. You can simply make your Cuttlebug sandwich using the fun foam, run it through and you will have a homemade version of Thickers in no time. 

     I specifically mention the Cuttlebug because that is what I have used and it worked perfectly for me. I have not tried running the fun foam through my Cricut Expression so I cannot attest to whether it will work with the Cricut. 
    So when in doubt, I say...keep it out. Meaning don't try it- just in case. No need to ruin your expensive die cutting machine. I know for sure it worked with my Cuttlebug that one is safe.

    Secondly, the fun foam also comes without adhesive.
    So to achieve double sided foam tape success with fun foam that doesn't have an adhesive backing, you  will need the following:
    Fun Foam -It comes in multiple colors and is sold by the sheet or in packs of sheets.
     Something you can also use your coupons with at your local craft stores.
     ***Double Sided Tape (Super Important)

    Metal Edge Ruler
    Craft Knife-Make sure it has a sharp tip.
    A Hole Punch like the Crop-A-Dile
    Circle or square punches

    The process is quite simple. 

    1-You place wide strips of the double sided tape on both the front & back of your fun foam sheet, making sure to cover the entire area. Apply the double sided tape end to end, row by row until you have covered the entire fun foam. Do not remove the white tape covering until ready for actual use.

    2-Then you cut your foam into strips, squares or use your punches to cut circles/squares or the Crop-A-Dile for smaller circles. This is where you can customize the shape of your foam tape according to your needs.

    If you made it to the end, thanks for "sticking" around. I think it's good to have options especially when you are crafting in the middle of the night and can't get to a store to get that one thing you need.