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Friday, August 31, 2012


Yes, you read that right!
Instead of Washi Tape, I found us some Washi Paper.

12x12 Sheets of adhesive backed Washi goodness.

Check them out below:

Oh & there are more colors & styles. The ones pictured are just the tip of the iceberg. The ones above are brought to you by We R Memory Keepers and should be out to market this month already.
They can be purchased on their online store and possibly other online retailers. I have not seen it out in the big craft stores just yet.
The ease of use with washi tape applies to the paper too. These are terrific because you can actually run them through your die cutting and embossing machines. You can also use your punches on these or just tear them like you would regular washi tape.

They will work well for all of your crafty needs.
Be it home decor, card making, scrapbooking or party decor these washi sheets are sure to be a hit.

I saw where My Craft Channel was running an insane special on a package deal on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. I would certainly check their shop if you are interested.
Hope you enjoyed this find.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something Pretty this Way Comes...

Hello Dearest Crafty Bloggers!

Today I am sharing a crafty project I worked on with my youngest daughter.
It has felt good to get crafting again but as you all know it is always more fun when crafting with a loved one.

What we made are : FLOWER PINS.
Aren't they pretty?
They are delicate little things. Actually they are not so little. They only look like it in this photo. They measure in at about 4 1/2 inches.
We made them using plastic spoons & knives.
We were inspired by Lori Allred & her daughter of the Allred Design  Blog Fame. You can also catch her on My Craft Channel.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello Dear Bloggers & Friends!

I am delighted to be back. All be it a bit later in August then I had anticipated but so glad nonetheless.

First, I feel compelled to thank ALL of you who left me such supportive, get well wishes! It means more than words can convey. My heart was overwhelmed with your warmth-thank you so very much-you know who you are!

Another big thank you to all of my followers and visitors for continuing to tune in even when I couldn't.

In all honesty, during my health hiatus I gave some serious thought as to whether or not I would return to blogging for several reasons. There's the pressure to continuously bring you fresh content, news you can use and innovative crafting tips of the week.With so many blogs out there doing the same thing already I felt insignificant. I wondered how I would keep my blog evolving and interesting to the point where it kept you guys coming back. Then it hit me...I wasn't doing it for the following or the attention. I was doing this for the love of the craft and the kinship I so lovingly received from all of you! And that is when I knew I should just keep it going. 

I am not certain that I will continue the previous format. Even though I too enjoyed learning & sharing new tips, seeing the latest gadgets and finding all the fun "stuff" this wonderful crafting world has to offer. Some weeks I panicked thinking I would not be able to find those things or have any ideas but somehow they came. Again, I believe because of my love for the craft and in sincere appreciation of your continued support. So I will keep that in mind as I move forward. I plan a little bit of a blog makeover to refresh the site and also will try to post more of my creations. 

It may take some time but I will begin again even if slowly.

Again, thank you all so very, very much. 
With sincere gratitude!