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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Break While I Work on Getting Better...

Hello my crafty friends!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently taking a little down time to sort through some things & get better.

I recently had surgery and while I got some good results like NO CANCER,  I do have another health issue to contend with and take care of.

So while I am doing that I am taking a little bit of a break from blogging.

Please know I will come back & resume my usual line up of postings so check back. I hope to be back by August.

I appreciate your support very much and really want to continue having this blog.

I just want to get better first!

Thanks so much to all of you!

Sweet summer greetings!

Friday, July 6, 2012

FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND- Tim Holtz Clean Up Cloth

Hello crafty bloggers! Thanks for stopping in for today's find.
It's the awesome CLEAN UP CLOTH from totally terrific Tim Holtz.

It's a white ,100% Cotton, flour sack towel which is 29 inches x 28 inches.
 It provides quick clean up & absorbs your liquids from your craft sheet in a snap! 

Tim Holtz used this in his Creative Chemistry 101 online course!

This towel is a great, washable, handy dandy asset to your distress workshop!  The more you use it and wash it, the better!

I have seen it online for $2.49 @ Simon Says Stamp.
If you like to get inky, you should totally have one of these.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Happy Tuesday!

Today's tool is the LePen technical drawing pen by Marvy uchida.

These gorgeous, streamlined pens are sleek and come in seven point sizes. From .03, .05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8,  to brush tip.
They are acid free and have pigment ink inside. They are great for lettering, doodling, cartooning, fine detailed drawing & many other applications.
You can use these to write directly on your photos & scrapbook pages. That renders these fine pens as a must have for those of us who archive, memory keep & chronicle.
They offer a variety colors to chose from.
The price varies depending on the point of the pen you purchase & of course if you buy a single pen or as a set.

Often times we may not think of our inks, pens, markers and such as tools but they are and having ones that help fulfill our creative vision are essential.

You can't go wrong with Marvy Uchida products. They have been in the industry for quite a while and carry terrific products.

All the best & crafty goodness, 


Monday, July 2, 2012

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK #146 Acrylic is Idealic!

Hello Crafty Bloggers!
Today's tip offers a way to help you store your acrylic stamps.

If you like using the empty CD or DVD case method you may like this idea too.
I use the CD case method myself but one day I ran out of them & had my mind set to find a way to store my newest acrylic stamps. It  was too late for me to get out to buy some & I was too impatient to wait. So...
I racked my brain thinking of a possible temporary solution that would be comparable to the CD method, compact & simple.

Guess what? I found a way.

I had some mini acrylic albums handy & so I thought I would give them a try.

I was able to store my stamps on them perfectly. One thing that I figured I wouldn't do though was store any on the front cover because I did not want them to be coaxed off when handling or storing the stamps.

I used the accompanying sheet which shows the name of the stamp set & has all the images printed on them as my cover. I adhered it on with removable adhesive.
I skipped a page so that my stamps would not want to stick to each other.
I only needed the equivalent of 2 pages. One acrylic mini album came with 6 individual pages (acrylic sheets).
I am not sure if I am going to leave them this way since I do like everything to be uniformed & orderly, (can we say OCD?)  but I do like that the system works and it is orderly.
I have a little binder ring keeping them together but quite honestly I could probably store the set standing upright in a box & use index labels & it would be perfectly fine. Regardless, this is a method that works, looks neat, takes up a small footprint of space and is adaptable to craft spaces of all kinds.

So if you are in a pinch or just looking for a new way to store your acrylic stamps maybe this will work for you.
I was looking for my camera to take a picture but it's in Canada...go figure.
I have been looking for that thing for a few days now. My cousin called to let me know that I left it @ her house during my recent visit. 
I hope you can picture in your head.
Hope this was insightful.
Have a great week everyone.