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Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Day is Dawning

I say that because I feel like now is the time for me to take a chance, venture out & do what I have wanted to do for many years...start my own business.
I know, it sounds crazy considering the current state of financial affairs this country is in but stick with me for a moment. Right now would be a great time for contractors, lenders and workers of all sorts because they too are desperate for business. Not that I am in need of contractors but I do need lenders. Come to think of it...I need a lot but that is to be expected when you are starting a business from scratch, right?

I am happy to report that my plan to pursue this venture is being supported by my dear husband. I am still working out the sketchy details but today I received yet another divine sign that perhaps this is really meant to be. I am hoping for a few miracles considering how the economy has been but then again what would life be like without hope?
I got a call today from an SBA (Small Business Administration) mentor who is going to volunteer his time and well...mentor me through my business building process. I am thrilled that he agreed to review my "business plan" and I use that term loosely. There is so much legal jargon, so many graphs and other fine details they need on those plans, it is amazing they don't ask for my first-born as collateral!
So wish me continued success and for some $$$$ to fall from the sky.
For those lucky enough to be doing what you love- embrace it & be thankful because there are 10 to your one out here just wishing for their chance.
I dare say that as for me- A New Day is Dawning.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


As you can all see I successfully was able to post photos of my Halloween mini book. Forgive the duplicates. I am not quite sure how to delete them so for now they will stay on. Another thing I noticed was that my photos are displayed in the wrong order meaning you have viewed the album from the end to the beginning. Sorry about that. Just remember I warned you guys. I am not technologically advanced but I am learning as I go. I hope you can forgive the occasional mishap long enough to stick with me on my blog adventure.
Thanks for checking in.
Happy Crafting!

Night Owl

So here it is 1248am (Eastern Time)and I am just settling in to begin crafting. The quiet of the night is so wonderful. At least for me it is! I find it the best time to create. On that note, I was searching for inspiration on the scrap sites and came across a challenge which seems to good to pass up. So wish me luck. I plan on entering my concoction according to their rules and hope to win for once.
When I figure out how to post pics, I hope to do so and share with you what I entered.
************* 10 minutes later....bright idea*************************
I am attempting to download a Halloween mini book I created using the bind-it-all. I didn't create this tonight. It just occurred to me that I had made something super cute and since Halloween is not too-too far away, I thought I might share. Let's see if I can work this thing properly and get it posted.
I will try to insert it here...standby...wait for it...here it comes...okay...I am getting close...I feel it...
***************20 minutes later**************************************
*****OMG! I think I did it...I am going to preview my post and if I did it then you will see it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Girl Lost...

So today I am awakened by my husband's usual routine to get ready for work. No big woop until he decides he is going to kiss our little girl goodbye. He goes up to her bedroom to grab his kiss & go and what do you know? She is not in her bed. So I am still in bed deciding if I want to get up & out while I hear his boots hitting the floor going from room to room, down the stairs, up the stairs & back down again & this goes on for say...10 minutes. I then hear him say...(& I quote) honey, lexy is not in her bed did you see her sneak into our room? Then me: Um, no...are you sure? Him: Yes, I am serious, I don't see her anywhere & I have checked all the rooms upstairs, her closets (of which she has 2), the enclosed patio and even the basement & my office and I can't find her. So I then proceed to jump out of bed and begin my mad hunt. I cannot tell you how scared I was ! I traced his steps while he continued the hunt downstairs in the basement. All the while I am thinking I need to shower & get ready to call the cops. My stomach was in knots and I felt sicker and sicker as I called out her name, checked the basement, under beds & guest room all to no avail. Just when we both were at wits end, my brilliant hubby decides he is going to check my closet. Well, I thought...why didn't I think of that? After-all, at about 840am I did use the bathroom & noticed my closet light on through a little crack in the door but never thought anything of it at the time. I flipped the switch off from the outside & jumped back into bed. SOOOO- guess who was in their mama's stinking closet????
Oh yea, somehow she made her way to our room in the wee hours of the morning, bee-lined for my closet, put the light on & wrapped herself up in my fleece blanket and fell asleep again. She had no idea that her father & I were frantically looking for her. Why would she? It's still sleepy time to her. It did not occur to her that my closet was a strange place for her to resume her slumber (so she said after we found & interrogated her ). Never-mind the fact that we have a guest room, or 2 other places with couches that she could crash on. I found this odd. When I asked her why she had chosen my closet, she replied (in the sweetest little voice wearing her dad's oversized shirt as her jammy) & again I quote "it was cozy and there was no room in bed w/ you & daddy. I did not want to wake you guys but wanted to be close by." AWWWWWW...couldn't you just melt?
So finally, after about 25 minutes of collective searching, frantic calling of one sneaky little girl's name, laborious breathing, nervous twitching, brain boggling, and gut busting worry- we found our little girl who was not so lost after-all.
Heck of a way to start our day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let the Posting Begin

Now that I have settled in to my new digs and have a little more time on my hands I am committing to having a successful blog.I am an avid scrapbooker, paper crafter, self-proclaimed interior designer, mother of 2 beautiful girls (i know...all moms say that)and wife to one gorgeous pilot (who I rarely see). But yes, he is real and I am proud to call him mine.
I have been busy unearthing my worldly goods, settling in to my new home and conducting a lot of research for my new business venture.
I am hoping that I get some blog followers, impart some words of wisdom,learn from my fellow artists and continue to evolve as an artist.
Okay...here comes one of those moments now!
I wanted to share a site that has been very helpful to me whenever I even so much as think about getting a new crafting tool or product. It is...drumroll please... www.craftcritique.com.
This site provides firsthand commentary with pros/cons and detailed product information. Then it is up to you to decide if the product seems worth purchasing. By the way, it is not limited to scrapbooking products only. They cover it all.
* You should really check it out*
I hope this tidbit was helpful. Thanks for stopping. Happy Crafting!