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Friday, March 30, 2012

FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND- Tote-Ally Cool Tote Craft Folio

Happy Friday!

Today's find is brought to you by Advantus & it is the Tote-Ally Craft Folio from All My Memories.

This fantastic portfolio style case allows you to take your things on the go easily.It’s the perfect storage essential for bulky tools and supplies.
It sports the following options:
  • Lots of pen loops for pens, knives, pencils and more.
  • Four small, zippered, removable, clear pouches perfect for bulky punches, adhesives and more.
  • One large, zippered, removable, clear pouch ideal for scissors, tools and more.
  • Secure closure to keep supplies in place.
  • Its' overall dimensions: 13”w x 13”h x 2”d

  • Scrapbook.com sells this wonderful storage solution for on the go use or at home use.
    At the time of this pre-post it was priced @ $24.99.

    Hope you enjoyed the find.

    Have a great weekend!

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012


    Hi Crafty Bloggers!

    Thanks for tuning in to tool time Tuesday.

    Today's tool is the: SILHOUETTE CAMEO.

    It's a digital die cutting machine that allows you to be FREE from Cartridges, cut & resize digital designs & computer fonts. It also allows you to store your designs on an SD Card so you can take your Silhouette Cameo anywhere without the computer.

    It's designed for crafters who have a computer with Windows XP, Vista 7, Mac OS x 10.5.8 or higher & those with an internet connection to be able to download designs. It comes with an incredible software package & you can purchase many more images from the Silhouette store.

    It's out in retail for the average price of $299.99 but there are some online retailers selling it as a bundle for $269.95 & FREE shipping.

    Yes, it is pricey but when you compare it to the popular CRICUT products of similar function you will find the price justified & then some.

    I have read a few reviews on this tool & by all accounts they have been very good.

    I don't personally own one but thought it was interesting to showcase. I wanted to research it a bit for myself to see if it is one I would consider in my arsenal of tools and I have to say...I want this!

    Not sure if it will happen anytime soon but a crafter can dream right?

    Monday, March 26, 2012


    Why YES Crafty Friends- Your brads usually come in some type of package that keeps them in place.

    But did you know that your brad's keeper can also serve as your assistant?

    You know those foamy pads that some brads come packaged in that look like this?

    The two pictured here both have a sponge/foam base where the brad has been inserted.



    Because you can reuse those to insert your brads & buttons that you may want to color, ink, mist or Copic.

    They will sit securely & upright in the slot. You can apply your color of any kind & let it dry right in place. Then when it is completely dry you simply lift it out of the slot and use it in your project.

    Now if I know you creative souls you will probably find more uses but for now I thought you would be inspired by how I recycle these brad keepers.

    Just don't forget to remove the brads that come on them unless of course those are the ones you are getting inky with!

    Friday, March 23, 2012



    Today's find is a practical case for the SEW STAMPER/DOODLE TOOL I recently showcased.

    It comes to us from the smarties @ WE R MEMORY KEEPERS!

    This easy store & carry case will keep & transport all your Sew Easy & Doodle tools and accessories!The Case measures 8x13-1/2 x 2 inches.

    I have seen it @ the Archivers Annex online for $15.99. What a great way to store, carry & preserve your tools.

    It's a protection for your investment, now that's a find!

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012


    Hello There!

    Today's tool is brought to you by WE R MEMORY KEEPERS & it is their DOODLE STAMPERS!

    They look like this:

    Their purpose?

    To do your doodling deeds!

    You pick your design, your dauber of ink & just "doodle" away.

    If you like doodling but don't think you can pull it off-this tool is for you.

    If you like stamping but have a tough time picking out what you want to use- this tool is for you.

    If you want ease of use & a variety of options- this tool is for you.

    These handy attachment heads attach to the SEW STAMPER TOOL from WE R Memory Keepers (sold separately). You can see it to the right here. That little pink top part is removable & interchangeable. It's what allows that handle to be used as a doodle stamper & stitching tool as well.

    If you purchase the doodle KIT it will include all six Doodle Stamper attachment heads: Flower Doodle, XOXO Doodle, Music Doodle, Star Doodle, Dash Doodle and Circle Doodle. Each Doodle Stamper attachment head will make over 1,000 impressions.

    The entire set is sold @ Scrapbook.com. Simply click on my Title above & it will take you right over to them.

    Leave it to the folks @ We R Memory Keepers to find another use for their SEW STAMPER TOOL.

    It's terrific when a tool can multi-task, don't you agree? In my humble opinion it makes it a worthwhile investment.

    Have a terrific Tuesday.

    Hope to see you back here on Friday.

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#132 ) Get a LID on it!

    Or a LID RACK for it!

    For what you ask? A lid rack for your paper trimmers, score boards, stamp press, cutting mats & other regularly used , large tools.

    The racks I speak of look like this:

    Vertical pot/cutting board/baking sheet rack

    Counter top rack

    These functional racks can hold some of your most used paper crafting tools nearby on your desk top or any counter space. Or if you don't have counter space you can easily nail the vertical holder on the wall & use your wall space. These racks help you store your items, see them, access them easily & put them away easily.

    Here's what I did with mine:

    Front View

    Side View************************************************************

    As you can see, I was able to get several paper trimmers, the Martha Stewart Score Board & my Fiskars Stamp Press stored on this lid rack. There is a total of 7 tools right @ my fingertips & @ the ready.

    I purchased mine @ Target for under $10 but shortly after- while browsing in Big Lots, I saw a white one for $3.

    This is working out really well for me & I thought you all could benefit from my discovery.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Friday, March 16, 2012


    Maya's got Wood Veneers & Tiny Rulers- Look @ how cute they are!

    My oh my the dimension & fun these can add to any project.

    I have not seen them out in retail yet but they were just released @ the Winter CHA Trade Show in January. It seems the new releases start hitting the online stores before brick & mortar or craft stores. Anyway, keep an eye out!

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    TOOL TIME TUESDAY- THE Crafters Workshop Templates

    Hey Bloggers!


    They come in 2 sizes:

    6"x 6" & 12"x12"

    They look like this:

    These are just SOME of the many variations of patterns & styles they offer.

    The average cost out in the market place is:

    For the 12"x12" = $6.99

    For the 6"x6" = $4.99

    Personally, I have seen these at my local A.C. Moore in the 6"x 6" size but I know online they carry the 12"x 12" size. Great thing is that by purchasing them there you can utilize your 40% or 50% off coupon.

    THE CRAFTERS WORKSHOP has so many other fantastic template options & what is also cool is that you can find the patterns of the 12x12 in smaller 6x6 versions.

    It's a considerably inexpensive tool that offers you so many options. You gotta love that!

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#131 ) Did someone say you can emboss without embossing Ink?

    Yes crafty kin...that's right-you can!

    How you ask?

    By using MOLDING PASTE over templates or stencils!

    You can get a wonderful, raised embossed image without using ink.

    Here's a picture of a type of molding paste:

    Here is the end result:

    Basically all you do is dip an old expired credit card or flat sided spatula into the molding paste & apply it on top of the stencil. You should adhere your stencil down with removable adhesive to your piece of paper or project to help it stay secure. You do not want your stencil to move while you are applying it. Apply the paste in swiping motions to cover the whole image and get an even layer of molding paste all over the surface. Once you have covered your surface & filled the stencil openings, carefully lift your stencil and you will have a beautiful embossed/raised image.

    After you are done I would suggest letting it cure or dry overnight to harden. Then if you want to distress it or paint it with acrylic paint you can do your altering after the dry time.

    I like the simplicity of the one above.

    Now make sure you come back tomorrow so you can see the latest "tool" that can help you achieve embossing looks using this method.

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND- The Ribbon Carousel

    Yes indeed, you read that right!

    Ribbon Carousel!

    Check them out:

    Here's the 4 Post Option:

    Here's the 8 Post Option:

    The *New* Ribbon Carousel holds up to 60 rolls of 3/8" ribbon using 4 rods, 40 Wooden Spools or 16 spools of your favorite Baker's Twine using 8 rods. It SPINS around on a lazy susan, allowing you to access your ribbon and twine easily! This easy-to-use organizer is compact, with a footprint less than 7" square on your workspace. The Ribbon Carousel holds ribbon spools of any size up to a 4" diameter. Minimal assembly is required.

    To use it you simply unscrew the knob on top of the *New* Ribbon Carousel. Remove the top and place your spools on the posts as desired. Replace the top by lining up the rods to the holes in the underside of the top. Replace the knob to secure the Ribbon Carousel.

    Specifications: Each *New* Ribbon Carousel is approximately 6.85" square and 13.5" tall.

    If you click on my title above it will take you right over to the ribbon carousel.com page where you can purchase it. They also carry wood spools that fit the carousel perfectly.

    I hope you find it as fabulous as I did.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    TOOL TIME TUESDAY- The Accu-Cut Grande Mark Die Cutting Machine

    That's a mouthful but wait til' you see it!

    The Accu-Cut Grande Mark Manual Die Cutting Machine looks like this:

    The machine as seen above includes:

    • GrandeMARK Multi Craft Cutting Machine
    • Giant die tray
    • Five cutting mats to fit various die board sizes: 5" x 6", 5" x 15", 10" x 12", 10" x 15", 15" x 18"
    • Die pick (used to remove material from die blades)

    It does what Cricuts, Silhouettes, E-Clips, Sizzix & other die cutters do but all without the use of electricity. Just good old fashioned hand cranking power supplied by you.

    The roller action combined with their steel-rule dies allows you to cut through a plethora of materials in a matter of seconds including fabrics, cardstock, chipboard and more.

    This machine is powerful, effective and extremely useful for all kinds of projects. Instead of cartridges you would purchase dies.

    Compatible Dies

    • All AccuCut standard, Clear Cuts and Pinnovation dies up to 15" x 18" (giant).
    • All AccuQuilt Studio dies up to 15" x 18" (Giant)
    • Ellison SureCut and ClearCrop dies
    • Sizzix Bigz Pro dies
    • Optional tray can fit AccuCut, AccuQuilt Studio, Custom Shape Pros and similar dies as large as 13 3/4" x 26" (super giant)
    • Optional tray adapter allows you to use Sizzix Bigz and Ellison AllStar dies as well as retired AccuCut Zip'eSlim dies

    Check out the video:

    As seen above the price point as of this post was $395.

    This manual die cutting machine is a work horse. I was fortunate enough to use one at my local scrapbooking store when I lived in Pennsylvania. I made 120 wedding favor boxes using one of the Accu-cut dies. I was able to cut about 5 sheets of cardstock in one pass using the Accu-cut. I really enjoyed using it & was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. They also have many die options they offer.

    Just thought you might find a manual die cutting machine interesting for a change. In our ever technologically advancing world it is still nice to see some things that rely more on human hands then electricity.

    Hope you enjoyed this tool.

    Monday, March 5, 2012

    CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#130)Oh my bleeding...

    No sillies...not my heart...my ink!

    Have you ever had a problem with bleeding ink? I sure have. Now, I recognize there are times we want the ink to bleed so this tip is specifically for those times when we DON'T.

    Here are a couple of things I discovered that help me:

    1-Don't use too much ink when you are sponging over masks. Start with a little bit of ink then gradually add more as needed. This can be helpful because in using that as a guideline you can actually not only prevent bleeding through your mask but you can create a nice graded color effect (if you so desire). It's all about control & preference.

    2-Instead of using spray inks over your masks, use acrylic paint. The trick here is to actually thin your acrylic paint slightly with water then apply in gentle, light, even strokes over your mask, from end to end.

    3-If you don't want colors of inks you previously used on your masked project be sure to wipe off any excess ink on your mask & that it is dry prior to using another color of ink.

    4-One last thing...to help you keep your mask in place which can also cause problems with bleeding- use removable adhesive on the back of your mask.

    Hope this helps!

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    I Made...

    Another one of my "B" Stands.

    Works great to hold some of those tiny bits, baubles or bling we crafters like to collect.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

    Friday, March 2, 2012


    Hi Crafty Bloggers!

    Today's find is not only fabulous but FREE!


    Everything from graph, music, business type papers & more. You have to see it to believe it. There are so many varieties which can not only be used in crafting but for everyday practical uses. For your banking needs, kids school needs, record keeping & more.

    You simply just go to printablepaper.net where they have over 900 types of paper that you can download & print for FREE.

    Click on my title bar & it will take you right over & you can be printing your free paper off your home printer in a snap. Go ahead...get over there quick & try it out. If you do, let me know how it worked out for you. Would love the feedback.

    Have a great weekend!

    Thursday, March 1, 2012



    I was going to wait to feature it on a Fabulous Friday Find but I simply couldn't.

    For one, she features a Whatever You Want Wednesday post where you can link whatever you want to share. By the time I got to it, it was too late to link up my blog but I shall try next time.

    She also shares free vintage clipart.

    Lastly, she offers up lots of crafty inspiration.

    Head over to her blog to see what I mean.

    It's chock full of pleasantries and you will have fun browsing & interacting. This fantastic, talented soul has such a giving nature with her blogging adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Crafty best wishes everyone.