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Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Day is Dawning

I say that because I feel like now is the time for me to take a chance, venture out & do what I have wanted to do for many years...start my own business.
I know, it sounds crazy considering the current state of financial affairs this country is in but stick with me for a moment. Right now would be a great time for contractors, lenders and workers of all sorts because they too are desperate for business. Not that I am in need of contractors but I do need lenders. Come to think of it...I need a lot but that is to be expected when you are starting a business from scratch, right?

I am happy to report that my plan to pursue this venture is being supported by my dear husband. I am still working out the sketchy details but today I received yet another divine sign that perhaps this is really meant to be. I am hoping for a few miracles considering how the economy has been but then again what would life be like without hope?
I got a call today from an SBA (Small Business Administration) mentor who is going to volunteer his time and well...mentor me through my business building process. I am thrilled that he agreed to review my "business plan" and I use that term loosely. There is so much legal jargon, so many graphs and other fine details they need on those plans, it is amazing they don't ask for my first-born as collateral!
So wish me continued success and for some $$$$ to fall from the sky.
For those lucky enough to be doing what you love- embrace it & be thankful because there are 10 to your one out here just wishing for their chance.
I dare say that as for me- A New Day is Dawning.

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  1. I find it such an inspiration to see there are still women venturing out and taking a chance. I believe you will be successful just because of your determination to make it happen as you say “a new day is dawning”. Women need to stick together and gain encouragement from those who precede us and make the miracle come true. So go ahead, make that miracle happen and become another successful business woman!
    Scrap Mama


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