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Monday, March 15, 2010


For this week's tip I wanted to share how you could use curtain rods in your craft space for more than just curtains.

Yes, you read it right.

Curtain rods can be a very helpful gadget in your craft room. There are many sizes and types available. What kind you chose depends on how you will use it. Here are some ideas for its uses.

For instance, if you use the small, thin rods that look like this:

They are thin enough to hold your spools of ribbon or your gift wrap rolls. The nice thing is that these are usually inexpensive and long enough that they can hold many rolls of ribbon or accomodate one long roll of gift wrap.
If you use it for ribbon, you can purchase more than one and set them up in a tiered fashion on your wall or in your closet or screw it right into a piece of existing furniture in your craft space.
If you use it to house all your ribbon this system would allow for you to keep them all in one place. They would be easy to view & use as well. Just roll down, snip & your done.

OR if you want to use a more substantial rod like any one of these:

You can use these with the curtain rod clips that look like this:

You can attach almost anything on these clips. You can use these rods with the clips to display your favorite layouts, display favorite photos or photos you intend to use on your projects and/or for holding your scrapbook supplies in their original packages.

You can also use this system to clip on pails that look like this:

Then place embellishments in those pails. Anything from flowers to buttons to brads.

You could use as many or as few clips as you wanted and remember that the curtain rods will extend giving you quite a lot of space to work with.

Let's not leave out the tension rods too. They can work well for all these applications and with using these you don't even need to drill holes in the walls or your furniture. You simply insert it between two sturdy surfaces like in a bookcase or those famous expedit IKEA shelves; after you have threaded through it what you wanted and that is all she wrote.

Here are some more ideas:
-You can use the curtain rods to hang hand towels that you may keep in your craft room for clean up
-You can drape your craft mat over it
-You can use it to hold your acryllic stamps in their original packaging

The idea is that there is so much versatility in using this system.
It is like having a clip it up without the big price tag and lots more room.

From storage to display system. The choice is yours.

There are many styles, colors and widths of curtain rods. That's a plus because you can match the decor in your space.
Often times you can find them at really cheap prices at places like Big Lots, Ollies, Wal-mart, Target, Salvation Army, Goodwill & if you get lucky even at garage sales.

So next time you are out & about if this tip strikes your fancy keep your eyes open for just the right deal on a curtain rod (or 2) and give this tip a try.


  1. Fabulous ideas, I use a small 3 arm towel holder from Ikea to thread ribbon spools on, but these would hold a lot more.

  2. Great idea for the ribbon or wrap!

  3. love the idea for the rods!


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