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Monday, April 19, 2010


In this week's tip I want to share how I got on the organizational path to creating a crafting space I love. I hope it inspires you to create an imagination station that works best for you.

Whatever your situation, whatever the size of your space- be it an entire studio or a corner in your dining room, organizing can often be the first essential step in creating your space. Finding the time however is a whole other story.

I am not an expert nor am I a person who likes to brag about my works of art or show off my space. I am truly blessed to have a space but that has not always been the case. Like many I started at the kitchen table and gradually made my way into a place of my own.

Here's a group of helpful tips that worked for me. If you find you need a new strategy to tackle organizing your space, to get out of the rutt you are in that won't let you craft or just to give your space a little boost try adapting these simple 5 practical pointers.

-Find Time to Get Started,Analyze How you Spend that Time & Make Ways to Find Time to Craft, Create & Organize
-Set Simple, Obtainable Goals
-Begin by Picking a Place to Start & START
-Once you have that Starting Point Enterprise on It, Gain Momentum
-Little by Little do What it Takes to Get Where you Want to Be & to Make Your Space into the Crafting Haven you Want & Deserve

Here's a little of my story and how I used the tips I am sharing with you to get my crafting supplies organized & space in order.

How I Found "Time"
When I moved last Summer into our new home, I was so overwhelmed. My scrap space was the last thing I cared about. The thought of unpacking those small embellishments, paper and endless "crafty things" we accumulate seemed such a task to me. It affected my ability to create, to want to scrapbook or to even prepare my craft room. So much so that I did not create anything for at least 3 months after the move. At that point I began having crafting withdrawals. I really wanted to craft but knew I needed to get my "stuff" in order to do so.

My Goal & Execution
So I crafted my plan. I set a goal to unpack as many boxes of craft stuff as I could a day. But, I did not put any pressure on myself to do so. If I could or wanted to only unpack one then one was all I did. I then placed all contents on the carpet in the craft room making sure to group like items together. For example: tools, paper, adhesives,etc...
As I began to see the piles grow & scatter into different categories I kept telling myself I needed more of a strategy because I had no idea how or where I was going to put the stuff let alone organize it.

My Gain of Momentum
One thing I did know was that I was on my way to accomplishing my goal of creating a craft space that was efficient, warm, inviting & creative. With that in mind I drafted on paper a plan of what I would do with the piles I had been unpacking. The more notes I jotted down, the more doable the plan seemed to become. It was as if writing a plan and following it provided a road map for me to follow. I then made a checklist of it and did a little at a time, happily crossing off each task as I accomplished it.

My Continuation, Little by Little
I then began to look at my current storage options. I documented those too. I immediately began labeling containers, boxes, bins and placing their coordinating items inside. This took me over 2 months to complete. I was not always able to devote many hours to this project but by following the principles it gave me a place to start.
I used them to ground my thoughts and give me direction.

End Result

My craft room is all set up, everything is in its place & there is a place for everything. One thing I have noticed though is that in spite of having order and organization, I continue to come up with more efficient ways of dealing with different issues that face habitual crafters.

For instance: inventory lists, sample swatches, binders of sketches, a file system for a variation of craft topics, to mention a few. I found that with the accumulation of "craft stuff" comes much responsibility to organize, to care. This will ensure not only an environment conducive to creating but one where you will find what you need to create.

I firmly believe that organization & space planning is an individual thing. What works for me may not necessarily work for you. So you have to adapt this plan according to your preferences. These tips are a springboard. A place to start.

I hope this inspires those that feel overwhelmed as I once did. I hope this inspires those that craft at the kitchen table and feel that maybe because they do not have a room that they cannot create. That is not so! Make the most of what you do have. When you create from the heart your hands will follow. Your talent should not be held captive, it does not know the difference between a scrap studio and a scrap corner. At the end of the day, all you need are a few supplies and a table.

Happy Crafting!


  1. this was great...but I want to see pictures! they are more helpful than you know!

  2. Great post Sonia--you should take a picture of your space!! I have struggled with the "my space" issue myself as we live in a condo and don't have a lot of extra space to use. I finally am satisfied with the way my craft space is arranged and I find since reorganizing everything I am a whole lot more productive!! Storage is a biggy--it's so much easier to clean up when you have a home for everything!!!
    :) Sarah

  3. Great story Sonia! I moved 4 months ago, and the first thing I wanted to unpack was my studio! LOL! I am very fortunate, in that my bro is an architect, and took great pleasure in designing (and building!) a space for me. Needless to say, there are still kids toys not unpacked, but my studio is in darn good shape! (And hey, if the kids haven't ASKED for those toys, we really should just donate them vs. unpack them right???)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and your sweet comments! Looking forward to peekign back at your blog for more great tips and ideas.


  4. Hey Sonia - it is so nice to meet you and I appreciate the great comments you left me the other day. You have an AMAZING blog and I am so glad you came by because it seems like we have some things in common - I am a huge organizer but am constantly trying to find ways to become more efficient at it and need to learn patience because when I get in that mind set, I must stop creating to work only on organization - UGH. I know that I am going to be by here often to say hello and see what great tips you give us. I can't wait to see pictures of your new craft room. Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon.

  5. would love to see pics im struglling with mine :S ... love your blog

  6. I'm in the midst of doing just this reorganizing thing now. I have two rooms and so many storage units, but just too much stuff. I'm trying to weed out stuff I haven't used in a long time, but it's hard. If I would just put stuff away when I'm done with a card, but tend to let it pile up. Good to know everyone is in the same boat, thanks Sonia


  7. These a great tips! So helpful!
    Organization is always so important!
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    You should post some pictures of your craft space. I would love to see it! :)

  8. Hi Sonia, these tips are great but the true inspiration for me was when I was visiting and actually saw your organization with my very own eyes. Girl you are good! I did try the CD cases for my acrylic stamps and it worked out great. I did not find the plastic boxes yet though but I will keep looking. I changed and reorganized my scrap room because as I said... you inspired me :-) I will take pics and send them so you can see my new space. Love you,


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