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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hey there!

Remember yesterday's alert for today's tool time segment?
Well the time has come to share this week's tool.
It is: a Button Shank Remover.

The Button Shank Remover is a great tool for cutting the shanks off the back of buttons to create a smooth back for use in scrapbooking, craft projects, jewelry making, card making, and so much more.

It looks like this:

The reason I chose to highlight this tool is because there are many vintage and antique buttons that only come with metal shanks and if you want to ever use those one of a kind, gorgeous buttons on your projects in a flat way, you are going to need to remove their shanks.

Currently, Webster's Pages has a stunning line of buttons called sparklers. You may get 6 in a pack but the price is not cheap.
If you follow yesterday's advice chances are you may find some glass buttons that look very similar to the Webster's buttons while antiquing. No doubt you will get many more than 6 but they will most likely have shanks.
Be prepared.
Get a button shank remover to get these buttons ready for your creative endeavors.

It is easy to use. There are currently no videos available on how to use the tool but believe me it is only because the written instructions will suffice. If you can use a pair of scissors, this will be a cinch. It is a great investment.
You can find this handy tool at Joann's & A. C. Moore or any fabric/sewing store should carry it.
I am sure you can find it online as well. By the way, the button shank remover can also be used to snap off/remove the little legs off your brads if ever you want to use your brads without the prongs.

I used mine to actually remove some buttons off a few pieces of my daughter's baby clothing to use on a scrap page. Sadly, that page along with many others were destroyed in a flood we suffered in our basement in October of 2009. I do have some other baby clothes left so I am going to try the technique using buttons from baby clothing again at a later time.
In the meantime, I will hunt down antique glass buttons & use my button shank remover on those.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Okay, funny you should post this. Last week I had a button and I so wanted to remove the back of it. I said to myself there has to be a tool for that. The next day I was in Joann's, not even thinking about my button dilemma. I was browsing around, looking at the buttons, and low and behold I spot the tool! I was so excited. When I got it home I tried it right away, and yes this works great! A great investment. Thanks for sharing this great find. Many people probably don't know this little gems exist!



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