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Monday, November 29, 2010

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#65) Brass Stencils Anyone?

Hello Bloggers!

Do any of you still have or remember those "old style" brass stencil plates?

If you are like me & have not used yours in a while get ready to dust them off and pull them out for a little fun.

I was reorganizing my craft stuff yet again and found some old brass stencil plates. I was going to put them in a donate pile but then it occurred to me that I could probably find a use for them. So I did what most of us paper crafting hoarders do. I rescued it from the donate pile & set it aside to get inspired with ideas on how I could use them.
Here are a few ways I came up with on how to make the most of them:
-Use them for cards
-Use them to make homemade embellishments
-Use them as accents on projects
-Use them to make your own custom scrapbooking paper

Now ultimately the stencil will be a mask but the mediums you use with it are what will give one stencil plate many looks. You can certainly use just a portion of the stencil image by putting a post it sticky note over the portion you don't want to work with. Then apply your medium of choice on the areas of the stencil you do want exposed on your project. It's all up to you.

Use removable adhesive to hold down the brass plate on all four corners.Then
get to work with your favorite medium or try a new one. You can experiment with these brass plates on a smaller scale before venturing off to use them on a whole project. The size of these brass plates makes them easy to work with, transport, store and gift.

Some mediums I thought to experiment with are:
-Ranger Dauber Paint
-Claudine Helmuth's Studio Paint
-Pearl Mists
-Glimmer Mists
-Crackle Paints
I hope this inspires you to bring out those ol' brass plates!
Have fun.
Tune in tomorrow for Tool Time Tuesday!
Until then,


  1. What a great idea, I have a stack of those too! Thanks for the tip

  2. Great tips Sonia! I have a hard time throwing away some of my unused stuff too....you just never know! ;)


  3. You know I have some of these and NEVER have used them. Never even thought about using the mists! Great idea!

  4. Great ideas. TFS...I'm gonna have to dig mine out.


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