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Monday, April 18, 2011

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#85) Organization


Along the lines of organization...
I don't know about you guys but organization is always in progress in my craft space.

I often think along the lines of keeping what I use most within reach. In doing so, I discovered that while that worked well for tools, adhesives & most beloved embellishments it neglected to address the "other" stuff? After all, we do use other "stuff".

I thought about a way to coral the other stuff to make it more accessible & efficient. I seem to spend a lot of time looking for stuff and it is really bothering me of late.My plan is to organize in a way that makes basic sense to ME.
For most of my projects I usually begin with COLOR.

So, I plan on taking things like buttons, ribbons & brads that are all in the same color family & grouping them together then placing them in a drawer system and labeling it by color.

I already have my paper separated by color, I figured why not try that for some of my other items then placing them all in one place. That screams easy access, less time searching for stuff and more use of my stash.

I have not put this idea into practice fully yet but it is a work in progress. If anyone out there wants to try it or already uses the color system be sure to share with the rest of us.

I would be most curious to know how it has worked for you.

Thanks for tuning in today.
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Have a wonderful week!


  1. Good morning Sonia! This is an awesome post! I will share with you some of my organizing tips. First and for most I have found that when I put things "away" I tend to forget about them and they don't get used. Kinda like that motto out of site out of mind. So I have had some big shelving units built for me. I have all my ribbon organized by colors and it works fabulous because it is all right there. The same thing with my paper. I am in the process of doing the color coding with my buttons. Like you said work in progress. I guess what I am saying is that color coding is great and that is how I am organized. The other thing is I have to have stuff out and visible to me. Everyone is different but that is what works for me. I am sorry if this is too long...I think it is so fun to interact this way:) Thank you for such a fun post.

  2. That is a good idea!...I know what you mean about having embellishment we forget about....I have stashes and stashes of them! {SMILES}


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