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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I am finally getting around to posting the sweet blog award given to me by 2 dear bloggers.

Sincere thanks goes out to Tracey @ Garden of Grace & Charlotte @ A Little Bit of Detail! These crafters are both extremely talented & caring. If you have not visited their blogs, please do so. You will be inspired!

Part of receiving these awards includes 3 things:
1)thanking those who gave it to you
2)paying it forward to 8 friends
3)sharing 7 things about yourself

I will of course share it & even tell some things but when I share it I will not expect anything in return. As a recipient, you can share it with as many blog friends as you would like. If you want to share 7 things please feel free to do so but if not, it is okay with me.
As happy and flattered as I am to receive these awards I want those whom I share it with to enjoy it also without feeling obligated to follow the "rules". I don't know who made up the rules and I am not upset about them. I just like the idea of giving freely. I hope this does not offend anyone, it is not my intention.

Here are my 8 blog friends, they are all different but creative, artful souls who create art from the heart:

Nikki @ Bond Girl Creations
Stephanie @ Always Crafting
Janet @ Life Full of Sunflowers
Kelly @ Snipits of Kelly
Kim @ My Crafting Creations
Vivi @ Vivi En Papel
Pinkladibug @ Pinkladibug
PVCreations 2010 @ PVCreations 2010

My 7 Things:(Warning...some may have been shared before)
1- I am bilingual
2- I have the useless "talent" of tying a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.
3- I have an extreme fear of falling from high places but no fear of heights or flying.
4- I once sang for a gubernatorial candidate.
5- I have the fear of public speaking yet held several jobs that required it and YES I did it.
6- I was in 4 singing groups.
7- I still expect to learn how to play the piano someday. It is on my bucket list.

Again, thank you to those who bestowed the lovely award, it means so much. Thanks to all my followers & guests.
You make this fun and worthwhile.
As always...crafty best wishes!


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me Sonia! I'm so super flattered and I'd give it right back to you if it wasn't already given to ya! :P

    I love your 7 facts......I do hate to speak in public but unlike you...I"ve only done it in college and was bright as a beet while doing it! I think I practically glowed I was blushing so profusely! LOL....And how funny that you can tie a cherry stem with your tongue...My hubby can do the same thing...and frankly I think it's right down sexy! HAHAHAHA "our little secret" :)

    Thanks again or the award...and for the smile today!


  2. THANK YOU sooo much Sonia for the award. I am paying it forward in my today's post.
    Thanks again!!

  3. Sonia Thank you sooo much!
    that is so sweet of you to give me an award....its my very first of course:)
    and for somereason now I want Strawberry Shortcake for dessert today...lol
    which is my favorite BTW.
    I am also surprise ti find out you can tye a cherry stem....Ive always seen people do it on TV but didnt know any REAL people that could do it....LOL

    Thank you very much honey

  4. congrats sonia!!! you totally deserve this award =)


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