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Friday, July 15, 2011


Happy Friday Bloggers!

Today's find is the: SCRAP RACK.
Beware: this post has a lot of detail. I felt this product really warranted it especially at its price point.
The Scrap Rack is an organization system that is a metal base which sits on your desk at a comfortable tilt. The tilted design allows you to view all your supplies quickly and easily. When fully open the rack is approximately 3 feet long and 14 inches deep. The face of the base unit is covered with commercial strength velcro, ready to accomodate up to 8 Spinders, 400 organizer pages and thousands - maybe millions - of supplies. The Rack w/wings open is 12" by 36"
The rack itself looks like this:

The spinders are a specially designed 3 ring unit. Each Spinder has an industrial strength 3 ring mechanism which fits all standard 3 hole punched products. The spinders have "close tight rings" and also feature double locking tabs. The Spinders adhere to the base unit with commercial grade velcro. The velcro is secured to the Spinder with both rivets and epoxy.
The spinders look like this:

The spinders hold organizer pages, 3 ring binder pages, baseball card insert holders and or dividers that you can use to store & organize your scrap supplies.
The scrap rack folks sell specific inserts called Organizer pages that are available in 4 different designs. Each pocket has a cresent cut out of the top for ease of loading and unloading and are made from heavy acid free plastic. Organizer pages can hold anything at all. Pages are designed with a flap at the top which will prevent items from sliding out of the pockets. Flaps can easily be tucked behind the items so loading and unloading the pages is very easy. Place your small items (eyelets, sequins, tiny die cuts,etc.) in a small zip lock bag before placing the items in a pocket. When you need to get the small items out you just pull out the small bag, take what you need then return the bag to the organizer. No more struggling to fish tiny things out of the bottom corner of a pocket Page.
Those look like this:
Here are more options of pages:

Check out this video:

There are different configurations available on the scrap rack website. It can be costly but seemingly a worthwhile investment especially if space is at a minimum and/or you just need help getting organized. A scrap rack start kit cost $144.00.
I hope you find this information insightful.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. What a great idea and perfect for small crafting spaces...like the area I have.

  2. Wow, I hadn't heard of this before! What an amazing product. Thanks for the information... you help me feel less clueless about all these things. ;)

    Have a beautiful weekend! :o) Hugs and blessings!

  3. Very cool product....I actually worked at a company that used that system at our desks....for all company procedures broken down by every client we had...the system works well and keeps everything organized and easy to find quickly.....what a great idea to apply it to crafting.

  4. They have one of these at our LSS for store use do dads; it really does hold a lot of stuff! Thanks for your kind words on my work! ~ Blessings


  5. That binder looks amazing!!! I could definitely use something like that; however, I'm one of those crafters who remain unorganized because I'd rather take $144 to spend on craft supplies...lol!!! Alas, woe is me... lol!!!


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