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Monday, August 8, 2011

CRAFTING TIP OF THE WEEK (#101) Ribbon Storage

Happy Monday Bloggers!

This week's tip is all about storage ideas for your ribbon.

You can keep ribbon at the ready on your work surface in an easy, accessible & fun way.
Do you have spools that you gravitate to regularly?

*How about using a paper towel holder to store your ribbons.
You can stack the ribbon rolls vertically on a paper towel/dowel style roller and just set it right on your work surface.

*If that does not work for you, how about a cute bowl or planter box filled with old style clothes pins individually wrapped in ribbon.

*OR,you can get a photo box like this one
and use a hole punch on both vertical sides making rows of holes and thread your ribbon through those holes from the inside using a wood dowel inside the box cut to size to hold your spools in place.
*Lastly, you can make your own ribbon cards using heavy cardstock or chipboard and wrap your ribbon around them. Something like these:
Aren't they just the cutest?

What other ways can you think of to store your ribbon?
Share if you would like or if these tips sound good to you, go for it!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Hello Sonia. This has become a problem for me. Well first off, lately I have gravitated towards the twine and shabby crinkle ribbon. For the twine I have never bought the large amounts that come on the spools,thus far I have only purchased the sampler packs. They just came with a little piece of paper wrapped around them. Once I started to use them, they got all tangled up, so I went out and bought the large spools to wrap it around. That works perfectly. For my Shabby crinkle ribbon..they come in packs with three separate colors, each of the colors are wrapped individually with strong cardstock. It comes very pretty, and she stamps on the cardstock. Once you take that paper off it is impossible to get it back on. So what I have done is for each bundle of three. I take the tag that has the name of the bundle on it and tape it to the front of those Jewelery ziplock bags that they sell in the craftstore and the ribbon for that bundle goes into that bag. Then I have a really pretty tin that I got at Micheals that all the shabby ribbon goes into. I use it all the time so I keep it out on my craft table. As for my other regular ribbon, I put those in my jetmax cube drawers. They sell dividers to put in the draw so I divide it up my color/pattern. Sorry for the long post..maybe I should take some pics or do a video of my ribbon storage?? Thanks for sharing all your lovely tips. I really like the paper towel holder one. I can see buying a pretty one and putting all my ribbon that I use a lot on it!

  2. On my, love your ideas!!! Those clothes pins are so so so terrific. I want some! :)

  3. Great ideas, and those clothepins DO look adorable!!!

    There's a little surprise on my blog for you too!

  4. Fabulous ideas, thanks Sonia.
    Eva :0)

  5. i've been having problem with ribbons & twines too. I now REALIZED that i'm even MORE ADDICTED to ribbons than anything else, even more than my fav. STAMPS!! LOL! cuz they are rather cheap to buy & Pretty in colors! LOL! yea, i like the idea of clothpins too! I've tried some (not the expensive ways though!lol), and almost everything failed...

  6. Love all these ideas and those clothespin are just fabulous!! I want some too did you stamp them? I keep mine is theMichael's jet max cubes:) TFS


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