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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TOOL TIME TUESDAY- The Accu-Cut Grande Mark Die Cutting Machine

That's a mouthful but wait til' you see it!

The Accu-Cut Grande Mark Manual Die Cutting Machine looks like this:

The machine as seen above includes:

  • GrandeMARK Multi Craft Cutting Machine
  • Giant die tray
  • Five cutting mats to fit various die board sizes: 5" x 6", 5" x 15", 10" x 12", 10" x 15", 15" x 18"
  • Die pick (used to remove material from die blades)

It does what Cricuts, Silhouettes, E-Clips, Sizzix & other die cutters do but all without the use of electricity. Just good old fashioned hand cranking power supplied by you.

The roller action combined with their steel-rule dies allows you to cut through a plethora of materials in a matter of seconds including fabrics, cardstock, chipboard and more.

This machine is powerful, effective and extremely useful for all kinds of projects. Instead of cartridges you would purchase dies.

Compatible Dies

  • All AccuCut standard, Clear Cuts and Pinnovation dies up to 15" x 18" (giant).
  • All AccuQuilt Studio dies up to 15" x 18" (Giant)
  • Ellison SureCut and ClearCrop dies
  • Sizzix Bigz Pro dies
  • Optional tray can fit AccuCut, AccuQuilt Studio, Custom Shape Pros and similar dies as large as 13 3/4" x 26" (super giant)
  • Optional tray adapter allows you to use Sizzix Bigz and Ellison AllStar dies as well as retired AccuCut Zip'eSlim dies

Check out the video:

As seen above the price point as of this post was $395.

This manual die cutting machine is a work horse. I was fortunate enough to use one at my local scrapbooking store when I lived in Pennsylvania. I made 120 wedding favor boxes using one of the Accu-cut dies. I was able to cut about 5 sheets of cardstock in one pass using the Accu-cut. I really enjoyed using it & was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. They also have many die options they offer.

Just thought you might find a manual die cutting machine interesting for a change. In our ever technologically advancing world it is still nice to see some things that rely more on human hands then electricity.

Hope you enjoyed this tool.


  1. Holy Cow...that's the daddy of all die cutting machines! LOl...that thing is huge! Love how you can get biggers templates out of it though....how great would that be for boxes! No more mini's tht don't fit anything but candy!

    Thanks for the FYI!

    Take care! :)


    1. Hi Nikki! Yes, it certainly is the big daddy but it works so well. You mentioned a very good point about it cutting larger sizes. You should see the many options of die cuts they offer.
      It is definitely on my wish list!

  2. what a cool die cutting machine! thanks for sharing the video also!!

    1. Hi Jessica! Yes, it is a very cool machine. So glad to share it with everybody. I appreciate your input.

  3. Thanks for this I always wanted to see one of these machines

    1. Hi Monique! You are so welcome. So glad that you found this enlightening. Take care!

  4. Hi Sonia, When you said you cut 15 favor boxes using cardstock in one pass, did you mean 5. We can cut chipboard and all sorts of materials with the GrandeMARK but do not recommend cutting more than 2 to 3 sheets of cardstock when using dies with crease blades. Your cuts would not come out clean cutting that many layers at a time. Thank you for sharing the GrandMARK with your followers and your support of our product.

    1. Hello Traci~thanks so much for dropping me a line. YES, you are right. I meant to type in 5, not 15. The 5 sheets held up pretty well. I corrected my error in the post. I appreciate you pointing it out. I was actually told by the store owner that they had tried up to 5 sheets of cardstock at a time & it worked for them. They encouraged me to start with 3 but no more than 5. When I did, I got very good results. Like I said, that machine is wonderful! Thanks for the additional info too. It will come in handy for my crafty followers.

  5. I use one at my LSS too. Great for cutting chip board and mini book covers too! ~ Blessings


  6. Wow, Sonia! This looks like some mega cutter... lol!!! Thanks for the information, I'd love to someday have this machine!!!


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