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Monday, June 4, 2012

Crafting Tip of the Week #142 The Better Picker Upper Method

Happy Monday Bloggers! It is great to be back :)

Wondering about today's tip? Bet that title got you going- huh?

Well, it's all about INK ABSORBENCY!

Next time you use your clear stamps do these few things to increase your ink absorbency & stamping potential.

1: Rub the stamp across the top of your hand back & forth a few times before inking. This action will assist in your stamp picking up the ink better.
Why you ask?
Because there is something about the natural oils in our hands that help the clear stamps take to the ink better.
I swear if I had not tried it myself I would not have believed it.
I don't always do it but there are times when my clear stamps seem to be less than willing to really soak up that ink. It could be that they worn or that the ink is fading but whatever the reason, this first step helps.

2: Once you have inked up the stamp, bring it up close to your mouth & breathe on it. Your warm breath will moisten the ink prepping it even more to perform at its' peak.

3: Use a foam mat underneath your stamping surface. It provides buoyancy & allows the stamp to penetrate your project providing you with a deep impression.

Sometimes I do all of these steps, other times I just pick & choose. Depending on the quality of the stamp they are not always necessary. I emphasize too that this applies to my experience with CLEAR stamps.
It may work for rubber stamps too but honestly I have not needed to try it with rubber stamps.
Let me know if you try this & how it works for you.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. GREAT tips Sonia!!! Hope your doing well :) Thinking about you!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited to see you back, so I can learn all kinds of cool things again!!

  3. Great ideas Sonia!! I've never tried rubbing my hand over the clear stamp before, I'll have to try that. My stamping skills are improving, but still have a ways to go. Thanks for the tips!! ~ Blessings



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