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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TOOL TIME TUESDAY- The Scrap'N Easel-Ette for Cards

Happy Tuesday Crafters!
It's tool time again and this time around I am sharing information about another great product from Contain Ya Crafts: the Scrap'n Easel-Ette for Cards.

This adorable easel style platform sports grid lines and comes with strong magnets that help hold your card parts in place as you are assembling your mini masterpiece. You can work with the Easel-Ette to create cards or use it in display mode.
Below is a video from the lovely owner & creator of this product showing you all about it.

Information of note having to do with breaking in your Scrap'N Easel-Ette:

Scrap'n Easel-Ette has two large "spines". These oversized spines are there to allow enough space for you to close up your Scrap'n Easel-Ette with an unfinished design held in place with the magnets in their highest positon of ½ inch. When you come back to your design to finish up, everything will be in place just as you left it.
There will be some "give" to the top spine the first few times you use it and it will appear a bit "floppy". This is normal. These spines are new and a bit stiff. You can use large paper clips, binder clips or padded clothes pins to hold the spine in place the first few times you use it. This will help "train" the spine to be used in the correct position. Take care not to scrape the grid lines of the easel when clipping. After a few minutes the paper clip, binder clip or padded clothes pin can be removed. The spine will soften a bit over time the more you use your Scrap'n Easel-Ette. If you go a long period of time and do not use your Scrap'n Easel-Ette this process may need to be repeated.
It retails for $39.99.

Hoped it has peaked your interest.
Have a great day!


  1. This is great! I guess I'm out of touch, because I didn't know this existed. This would work great for me, as I have had some neck surgery. After looking down to craft for an hour, I can really feel it:) Thanks for sharing this. It would really help me to keep crafting!!

  2. Neat tool! TFS!! ~ Blessings, Tracey



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