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Monday, February 18, 2013

Crafting Tip of the Week#168- Measuring Up!

Good Monday to you all!

Today I thought I would share a little info about measurements on your paper cutters & trimmers. 

I for one struggled in the early days with getting measurements correct when using trimmers. 

I never really had anyone show me how to use one and I could not recall for the life of me all that I learned in school (way back when) with regard to measurements. 

So I set off on a mission to learn. There are some good videos out there. 

But I wanted to have a point of reference that I could keep with me on my workspace so I took an inexpensive measuring tape ruler & basically doctored it up to help me keep my measuring skills in check.
I simply wrote the measurements using a fine point sharpie above the actual tic mark and use it as a reference point. 

I then took it over to my paper trimmer and transferred the measurements accordingly. 

I did not use metric measurements as I am most comfortable with the old school inches. 

Just keep in mind a couple of things. There are 2 kinds of measurement increments. The 1/8th" & the 1/16th". 

I used the 1/16th inch.
So my measurements read as follows: 

1", 1 1/16", 1 1/8", 1 3/16", 1 1/4", 1 5/16", 1 3/8", 1 7/16", 1 1/2", 1 9/16", 1 5/8", 1 11/16", 1 3/4", 
1 13/16", 1 7/8", 1 15/16", 2", etc...

There...that takes you from one inch to 2 inches in one sixteenth increments. 

I found this older video by Angie Kennedy of the Chic'nScratch blog. She does such a great job of explaining how to use your paper trimmer and measuring. She specifically uses a Fiskars Trimmer. She also skips some of my measurements above but it all ends up being relative.

 Check out her video below:

Hope you found this insightful. I know that many of you avid crafters probably know how to use paper trimmers & have the measurement system figured out but for some reason I felt compelled to share this info.

I hope this helps someone out there.
Have a great week.


  1. LOL...Whenever I see a measurement of 1 1/16 or 1 1/18 I say to myself what is this!TFS
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Thank you...Thank you! I am such an "eyeballer" as I've never taken the time to learn all the measurements and I'm defintely going to use this as reference in my craft room! It never seems to be an issue with me until someone asks what my measurements are and then I feel like a complete goober because I dont know! LOL :)

    Hope you and your family are well!


  3. Hi, my beautiful friend! I don't have a problem with measurements but I'm sure there are others who will find this very helpful. You are so very good at providing such useful info. and helpful tips!!!

    Good to see you're still providing this to those of us who can info we can use but otherwise cannot find -- God bless you for being you!

    Sorry I missed you but I'll be back!


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