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Monday, March 4, 2013

Crafting Tip of the Week#170- "Uh, Oh, Uh, Oh- Stuck like Glue"...

You & me baby we're stuck like glue... or maybe not us so much but  your ink spray  nozzles.

Has this ever happened to you crafters?

Where you go to spray or spritz your Glimmer Mists, Lindy Stamp Gang Fabios or Perfect Pearls sprays and the atomizers are "STUCK". They won't function for ya. Nothing's spraying out of the nozzle. The whole is covered in goop or something is blocking it from releasing your color sprays.

That's usually an indication that there is caked on ink residue that is blocking the atomizer from actually performing its' function. It's gummed up and not allowing the ink to make its' way out of the hole & onto your project.

So what do you do?

Today's tip is what I do.

- unscrew the caps
- throw them into BOILING water!  When the water is boiling remove from your stove top or the microwave then throw your caps in
- let them sit in the boiling water for approximately 5 minutes or until the water cools to the touch allowing the caps to soak

-tap off any excess water & squeeze the pump several times to get the atomizer function going again as if you were spritzing your project with ink
-use a paper towel or dish cloth to scrub off any visible residue from the nozzle & cap

The hot, BOILING water actually helps break down the residue and releases the gunk from the atomizer completely, clearing way for your inks to spray out as they should.

This works for me & I find that I don't have to use any expensive cleaners to get the job done. Also, it salvages my spray inks and keeps my atomizers in functioning order.

Let me know if you try it & how it works for you.

I appreciate your visit & hope you were able to glean something helpful.


  1. Oh, Sonia, thank you!!! I've got a bunch of caps like that!!! Off to boil water right this minute!!!

    Hugs, my friend and thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Awesome tip!!!
    Don't know how you come up with all these fab ideas but Thanks so much!!!
    Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!

  3. Hot Water!Great Tip!TFS
    Have a wonderful day,


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