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Monday, June 28, 2010


Good Day Bloggers!

For this week's tip I thought I would head on over to the laundry room for a little assistance.

I know what you're thinking but believe me, it will surprise you in a good way.

This time around I'm thinking...let's make use of an item in the laundry room that may not get used as often this day & age.
Curious yet? Got any idea what I could be alluding to?
If you haven't guessed it by now...I'll tell ya, it's the good ole CLOTHESPIN.

These underutilized pretties can be quite a hoot to include in your crafting fun. I am sure you have all seen the large versions in the craft stores often used to hold photos or recipe cards. Those are mostly decorative. They even sell them plain so you can paint & embellish them.

I am referring to the mini ones & the regular sized clothespins.
You can use them for more then just holding a photo or recipe card.
Use them in your scrap pages & card making projects.
You can paint the pins & stamp words or adhere rub-ons to them.

They look like this:

You can also use the pins to hold painted projects in progress that need a place to dry. What you do in that case is paint one side of your project, clip the unpainted half with the clothespin allowing the painted portion to air dry.
Once dry, flip the project & paint the other side while clipped to the clothespin.

You can also use the clothespins to fasten or suspend a mini pendant banner or clothing cut-outs like dresses or little t-shirts on your layouts, home decor or cards.
Here are a few ways I jazzed up some of my clothespins:

I used a rub-on from K & Co. on the plain, regular sized clothespin & added little bling with a single rhinestone.
I painted the minis with acrylic paint & used some on little t-shirt cut-outs and the other mini I simply adhered a butterfly on to it.
As you can see there is plenty you can do to give these a facelift and they make a unique, adorable addition to any project.

Now get going on trying them out for yourself & see what fun ways you can create & utilize clothespins in your crafting.

A.C. Moore, Michael's & Joanns all carry them in mini sizes. For regular sized ones grab a bag at the Dollar Store & go crazy.

Happy Crafting!


  1. great idea for clothes pins ! I've never seen the minis. TFS :)

  2. Hi Sonia! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loved all the ideas on the clothes pins!

  3. GREAT idea! It is amazing how such a small item can be so versatile!! Thanks for sharing!


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