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Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello there!
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I found something that I think is well worth the investment for any scrapbooker, family archiver or just a lover of photos.
It is brought to you by the folks at PANDIGITAL.
It's a photo scanner featuring one touch scanning to get all those photos you may have stored in boxes and unscrapped to be enjoyed & preserved in a variety of ways.

You can transfer photos directly onto a digital picture frame to display in your home. Save the images to a memory card--no PC required. Or attach the scanner to your computer and transfer your images directly to your PC. Once they're on your computer, you can easily organize and share them with friends and family.

Here's the PANDIGITAL video from their website (www.pandigital.net):

They offer different size scanners which can scan your 4x6 size photos, 5x7's & even your 8x10's. If you purchase the larger size you can scan all the above mentioned sizes and everything in between. You don't just have to limit your scanning to photos either. You can scan your kids school work, art, historical family documents, archival records, recipes passed down from family members, birth certificates and more.

Pandigital.net is offering a great bundle price.

QVC.COM currently has a great price point going on for this product and they even give you an option to break up the payments into 4 easy payments, once a month for the next 4 months til it's paid off.

I know that Wal-mart & Target carry the pandigital photo scanner too but they do not have the larger sizes in my local area. Best Buy also carries this product. You can find more retailers online.

With technology advancing so rapidly and digital cameras virtually outnumbering 35mm & instant cameras, this is one way to be sure you preserve your photos in a way that you will access them for so much more then viewing.

You can share them with friends & family, organize them and create digital photo albums. Or you can simply just keep better track of all your family photos and build yourself a digital reference photo library.

Afterall, if you invest in the cameras, lenses, tripods, camera bags, SD cards & other digital camera goodies to take those precious pics, why wouldn't you want to give the same attention & care to those printed photos of the past? You know the ones... the ones that are yellowing in those old school albums, the ones that are in suitcases, the ones that other family members are holding on to because you have no place to store them. Yep, those forgotten ones. They may be older & less technologically advanced but they are an important part of your past that should be preserved for your future generations. They tell your stories.

That is just this humble girl's opinion.

Say hello to my little friend...the Pandigital Photo Scanner!

Have a great weekend!

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