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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi there!

Welcome to today's segment of Tool Time Tuesday.
I bring to you: The Hot Glue Gun Helpers kit brought to us by Plaid.
While this can also be considered a fabulous find I had to showcase it under the tool time segment because of its functionality.

Here is what the kit looks like all packaged up:

Here are the parts:

Included in this kit are 5 non-stick items created to make hot gluing easier (and actually enjoyable): a pretty pink craft mat, a finger cap for protecting delicate fingers and pressing, tweezers with non-stick tips, a paddle for soft pressing, and a press wand for heavy duty pressing and smearing of glue.

-The Craft Mat is a good size – approximately 11.5" x 14.5" and it rolls up easily for travel.
-The fingertip is designed to keep your finger protected from the heat when pressing your glued image to ensure a bond.
-The Tweezers are perfect for holding and applying hot glue to delicate wired embellishments and gemstones of any size. And it will also help with pressing in those tight places where the Finger Cap cannot. They also help with exact placement of any object.
-The Press Wand is meant to be used for "heavy duty" pressing. The pointed tip is also meant to be used for spreading your glue to help get rid of those tell tale hot glue gun lines – unless of course, you want the added dimension.
-The Paddle meant for soft pressing, so it's perfect for flat items like flowers or fabric embellishments.

As you can see, this is a lot of little tools packed into one comprehensive kit.
This is said to retail for $19.99 but as of yet I have not spotted it at any of the local, big box retailers.

Best to check online first.
Hope you enjoyed this week's tool/find.


  1. Sonia this is a great find! I really like using my hot glue gun for certain projects, but I don't enjoy the mess, and getting burned. I burned my finger a few months back and it took forever to heal, and I mean forever. It was a hot mess! I am def going to be buying this, it is fabulous and will solve my hot glue gun troubles. ;) Thanks to you!!!

  2. Cathie Filian here! Thanks for the shout out about our new tools. Cheers to no more burns! Crafty Hugs - Cathie

  3. What a cool set!....I think the finger tip saver is the best though....I'd pay 19.99 just for no burnt fingertips! HAHAHA



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