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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am truly honored to have received another award. This time it was from Linda over @ My Creative Playground. Thank you kindly Linda, truly sweet of you!

With this I am to share it with 8 other fabulous crafters & share 8 things about me.
I think I will share some of my previous tidbits since I have gotten some new followers recently. Besides, I am running out of interesting things.

8 Things about Me

1- I sang in 4 different groups/choirs at age 13.
2- I had a Christian prison ministry.
3- I had the opportunity to go to Germany to visit my husband last October while he was on the job.
4- I speak fluent Spanish
5- I was voted "most beautiful" of my high school class...oh the 80's (some truly blind kids in my graduating class of 200).
6- I have lived in 6 different states.
7- I flew on a c-130 military airplane!
8- I used to work in Disney World where my "stage name" was CHINA.

It is always so difficult to chose just 8 because there are so many more than 8 fantastic crafters out there who deserve it but it is my hope that as we all continue to circulate the award it makes it to millions more.

Here are my 8 picks in no particular order:
Angelica @ Angelica Scrappenings
Lou @ Pretty Paper & Chipboard
Audrey @ Audrey's Reflection
Gail @ Gail Lindner
Makiko @ Makinko Studio
Oma @ Id Rather be Crafting
Grace @ Sugar Cards
Irene @ It's All in the Cards



  1. Wow!! Sonia, thank you so much for awarding my blog with other wonderful stylish blogs!! I'm so thrilled!
    Your blog is super stylish too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  2. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! thank you x a billion for choosing me! I'm so new at card making and blogging, I didnt even think anyone would recognize my creations as being something good =) thank you so much sonia! you've made my day!!!
    I'm sending positive thoughts & prayers to you and your family ( & esp. your husband who is in the military)

  3. congratulations Sonia and thank you for passing on a little bit more information about yourself - sounds like you've had a great one !!

  4. Thank you so much Sonia! Your blog is terrific and I'm honored to receive an award from you! I posted it on my blog at http://itsallinthecards.blogspot.com/2011/03/michelle-perkett-design-team-and.html :) Have a super evening!

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I'll be sure to post my 8 things and 8 blogs over the next few days!

  6. Thank you for this award Sonia! I don't consider myself at all stylish but am happy that you think my blog is! I'll have to think about this for a while as to who I can send this award to so, stay tuned!


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