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Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafting Tip of the Week #163-Cupcake Container Craft-cycling

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today's tip is all about craft-cycling again, so let's get to it then.

If or when you purchase cupcakes from your bakery- KEEP the containers. 

They are great work horses for your crafting space. 

Here's what I am referring too:

Here's my list  of several uses. And by the way, take advantage of the fact that it has a lid. It can close and contain. As always, use up your crafty supplies to jazz it up. 

 1-Use it to hold your smaller spools of ribbon- the little round ones can lay in there beautifully. You would even be able to stack a couple up. So with a cupcake container which holds 12 cupcakes, that is 12 openings just waiting to be filled.

 2-Use it to hold specialty embellishments

 3- Use it to squirt paints and even water into the deep wells for your paint projects. Then when you are done you can wash it out, dry it & repeat at a later time. 

 4- Use it to coral your office supplies in a creative way. Like push pins, paper clips, binder clips, etc...You can embellish the cover and keep it on your desktop.

 5- Use it as a vessel to contain votive or tea light candles that you can gift. Of course as crafters you know that no gift would be complete without our crafty touches, so go ahead- embellish it. 
6- Use it to store & sort your buttons by color

 7- Use it to store beads by color, type, size, etc...

 8- Use it to store collections of embellishments by vendor. So if you had Tim Holtz goodies, each cupcake hole could hold a different Tim Holtz only embellishment. 

 9-Use it to sort & store flowers
10- Use it to place your embossing powder jars inside. Not all sizes fit in them but the smaller pots do.

**Bonus #11*** You can also use it to store your washi tape rolls.

Each time I thought okay, I have enough uses another would pop in my head. 

Hope you find this one useful. Go ahead- grab some cupcakes! You know you want to.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Sonia,
    I hope that you and your family are doing well.Happy New Year!
    Thank you so much your all of your visits & bloggie love of course.I know you did not forget me because I did not forget you,the holidays were busy ones & still trying to catch up on
    some things. I have been recuperating from a cold,a virus & a horrible rash from lobster.I am better and crafting since I have to be home..Just be and my BFF (cricut).I LOVE cupcakes and use all sorts of reusable containers for all of crafting.I live in a budget so ideas like this one does help me.
    Have a Wonderful Day,


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