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Monday, January 21, 2013

Crafting Tip of the Week #164- Don't Bag the Baggie

Hey there Crafty Friends!

Whatever could I possibly mean by don't bag the baggie?

Stick around & I'll tell ya.

At some point we have all purchased clear plastic sandwich bags. They come in many sizes. There are  even small plastic bags in the jewelry section of most craft stores.
So let's not bag the baggies in the traditional matter for which it was created.
As artists, let's bag it our way!

Why not use those bags to store your memorabilia and then adhere them to your mini albums, scrap pages, shadow boxes & other 3D art? That zip loc seal or snap closure will come in handy.

Embellish your average bags with rub ons, paints, stamps & stickers. The tricky part is finding those type of inks, paints, rub ons and stickers that are compatible with the plastic. Remember you can use SCORE TAPE on them.  It will definitely stick anything to it.

Acrylic paint will not work. You can use stencils and Krylon's Fusion paint. You can also use a polyurethane or epoxy based paint on plastic bags. If you don't want to worry about fumes or paint of any kind simply use rub ons or adhere cool items. You can also attach things with colored staples, your Tim Holtz tiny attacher or the standard stapler.

Then you can place items like baby's first haircut strands, 1st tooth or many baby teeth, ticket stubs, extra  photos, little tiny toys, playing cards, game pieces, etc... inside of the bag, zip & seal. When it's all filled, it's ready to get adhered to your project.

Using the bags can not only provide extra dimension for your project but can serve to hold items of significance that normally wouldn't make it in your scrapbook layouts or mini albums.

If you are worried about the acid free factor then simply place in a way where it does not directly come in contact with your photos.

Imagine the possibilities.

Have a wonderful week.


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