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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

False Alarm

Hello & Happy Tuesday Everyone before sharing a recent crafting discovery I must share a story about my false alarm on Sunday night.
So my daughter & I are in bed snoozing and all is quiet in the ol' homestead. Dog's asleep, we're asleep, I mean deep sleep- when all of a sudden I hear this piercing, annoying, mega -loud alarm going off. I shot out of bed like somebody had launched a rocket under my tuckus... I don't think I have ever woken up or moved that fast
in my life! I mean this thing was so loud that even my little one woke up which is quite the feat if you know her. She is the deepest sleeper on the planet. Our dog awoke too and followed me along w/ my short one to the living room. All huddled together we put every light on in the house and began hunting down the sound. So at this point I have no idea what it could be. I searched the basement, then the kitchen, I was dragging myself and the "kids" around like ragdolls.Then I think God just decided to have mercy on me and directed me to the carbon monoxide detector in our living room which was indeed the source of the impenetrable sound. I immediately unplugged it and waited a few seconds. At this point, my little one was just so dog tired she followed me everywhere with her eyes barely open asking if it was over. The dog was shaking like a leaf. Ugh...I thought, now we are in a heap of steaming poo because this thing was apparently reading carbon monoxide. I begin to analyze my situation and thought I would play CSI @ 1000pm. Of coarse, with Carbon Monoxide being odorless, tasteless and almost undetectable by human senses alone -I begin to ponder calling Poison Control. BUT guess what! I didn't call because I decided to pull the alarm out of the socket, replug and reset it. I confess that I also was afraid of them sending out someone to my home while I was in my pajamas, I just did not want to have to worry about changing my clothes and dealing w/ firefighters running around my home. I just wanted for everything to stop so I could go back to bed. (Now, since the detector did not sound again and the red light was off and the green light came on I thought for sure it was a sign that everything was okay.) I did run around opening windows, doors and quite frankly anything that allowed air flow. I also took my crew to our enclosed patio where there was definite airflow as our house appeared to be hosting the biggest light party known to man. I suppose I figured if the alarm did not start its' whaling siren again that perhaps it was a FALSE ALARM. I was deliriously tired but once I checked it and it stopped whaling, I put the kids back to bed and I stayed up for another 3 hours just to hold a Carbon Monoxide vigil. None of us were experiencing any symptoms or feeling sick so by 2am my eyeballs which were being held open by toothpicks at this point just completely shut. Not to reopen again until 630am. I then called Poison Control later that morning after my oldest daughter urged me to call once I revealed my story to her. She was shocked I had not called that night. I suppose it is a good thing she pushed me to call because while we all had survived and everything seemed fine I just could not take a chance that something might be lingering. So I called & they referred me to the local firemen in my town, I call them and out come 5 Adorable, young firefighters in their little engine that could, all their gear and get up. We got the VIP, carbon monoxide reading special. I am happy to report that all is well and we have NO signs of Carbon Monoxide but the boys did make the place smolder a bit :)-haha. I know what you're thinking...shame on you! Those boys were young enough to be my sons or better yet my oldest daughter's boyfriend- (wink, wink). You better believe I told her the story. All she could do was question my sanity. Meanwhile, all I could think of was: A) how much I wanted to fling that carbon monoxide detector from here to the Gobi Desert, B) how much I really just wanted to bash that dang detector to pieces and c)do we really need that dog-gone detector? But for now, I will replace the battery as the head firefighter said and continue my sighs of relief that it was just a false alarm.

****Now on to some good crafting news****
For those who have recently purchased CRICUT CARTRIDGES there is a Cricut Rewards Program going on. Go to www.cricut.com/rewards to redeem your cricut rewards. What you want to do is register all the cartridges you have purchased. Those eligible will be assigned points which can then be redeemed for Cricut Merchandise. They have some tee shirts and even some never before seen cartridges. For details please visit the site I share above.
Okay all, I hope your week goes well and I look forward to more followers, comments and posting the next crafting tip of the week soon. They may not always be posted on the same day but I will do my best to post one a week.
All the best.
Happy Crafting!

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