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Monday, September 21, 2009

Scrap-Star Struck

Hello all! So I am surfing the net checking out Tim Holtz's latest blog when I decide I am going to see who his blog buds are and what kinds of crafting news they might have on their blogs. There were a lot of them so I just decided to pick one out of the long list. I chose Debby Schuh's blog A.K.A. The Memory Bee. So I click on there and start reading her blog and see that she has taught in my area at a store I had yet to discover (until today-that is). Well what are the odds that Debby is not only well known in the crafting industry, teaches classes and is heavily involved in all kinds of crafting expos, conventions, cruises, etc... I was so excited to see that she taught in the area before and I began to wonder if she lived in Western New York.
So then I look further and I stumble on to a part of her site that listed where she worshiped. I was so curious so I clicked on the link and it so happens that her place of worship while not the closest to my town is in Western New York. I got excited at the prospect of a designer, artist, and teacher well known in the industry possibly living close by. So I did the next logical thing... I e-mailed her directly. And you know what? She does live in Western New York, born & raised in fact. In spite of how sought after she is and how busy crafting keeps her, she was nice enough to e-mail me back. She gave me the 4-1-1 on the area's best scrapbook store around and even hinted that she may be teaching a class there again. She knew the owner and had already taught there so her input was invaluable to me. I am glad that I found her. For a while there I was thinking that all the talent was only coming from the Mid West. The only celebrity scrapbooking/paper crafting talent I had known of on the East Coast was Anna Griffin and Donna Downey (& I think Tim Holtz is from Jersey but not so sure). I guess you could say I was scrap-star struck. I feel blessed to have her nearby and she is such a nice lady. Check out her blog at www.debbyschuh.typepad.com.
Have a great week!

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