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Sunday, September 27, 2009

SUNDAY HOLY SUNDAY? Warning...Not Paper Craft Related- Just a Share Session

As many people do on Sundays in America, my daughter & I went to our first mass in our new "home" state. I am not Catholic but my honey bunny is so we decided we would baptize the little one Catholic and have her attend the kids Christian instruction classes. So we venture off to church. Initially, she was completely against this idea. I got every excuse in the book except for I am sick. In fact, she said she was sick alright but sick of her dad & I trying to force her to be Catholic. Then I proceeded to tell her that Jesus could hear everything she was saying and see everything she was doing and that her attitude was justifying why more then ever she needed Jesus. So she tells me we can find Jesus anywhere and everywhere after-all he made EVERYTHING! Well this diatribe goes on from the time we wake up til we reach the church parking lot. She settled down after seeing our neighbors/friends in the parking lot coming toward us. That is all it took to get her to settle down? My neighbors?...this is unreal. I thought Sunday was a holy day instead I found myself saying HOLY PANTS ON FIRE BATMAN! This girl was making me question the word holy all morning. She really put me to the test with some of her commentary. I actually wanted to turn around and just go to the church down the street from our house (which surprisingly she was more than willing to do) but then we would not be keeping our word to daddy. I mean really,is it me or have kids today lost all reverence for Sundays and the whole church thing? I felt so awful that she acted so negatively about this experience which is suppose to bring her peace, joy and help her build a relationship with our creator. So we go in and the mass begins everything is fine, lovely service. We stay after for registration & her first class. While the youth director was getting things ready, a music director of sorts stands before us all (approx. 55 people including parents) and proceeds to instruct the kids on singing a song he wants them to learn. He never once introduced himself, asked if they were interested or made any real formal announcement. So he's up there with his keyboard waving his hands, repeating lyrics to a hymn and all the kids were distracted, chatty and honestly not very interested. So Mr. Music decides he is going to go off in church! He begins to raise his voice & express his deep disappointment that no one is interested and his regret for the lack of participation. He continues rambling for about 2 minutes (longest of my life) about how he has been longing to start a kids choir in that church but no one is interested. Then he says ...and I quote..."WELL, if you people are not interested then just say so, I will pack up my stuff and leave! I don't have to be here where I am not wanted!" Then he takes his music sheets and storms off...stage right- diva style. Oh and get this...after a few moments of shock by the kids & parents...he walks back over to the front where it all began and he grabs his keyboard with a sour puss look on his face, careful not to make any eye contact with the masses before him and sprints out of the church.So much for holy Sunday! I mean at this point, I am shocked. My dear neighbor and new found friend looks at me and says without skipping a beat...welcome to St.Mary's ! We both laugh in disbelief. Some parents & kids walked out after that display of "raw frustration". Those of us who stayed I think were afraid to run into Mr. Music in the parking lot for fear we might get run over. I know...not a nice thing to say but
I think if you were there you might have felt the same way. Meanwhile, I am sitting in the pew mentally continuing to question the whole Sunday, Holy Sunday thing. It was a thought in the back of my mind from the get go when the little one was displaying extreme resistance. All I can say is that we are all human. I almost felt sorry for the guy. Suffice it to say- while this Sunday may not have technically been the holiest of days, it certainly was an interesting one. For those who are curious...she loved her first day of "church school" and is officially on her way.

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