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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First thing- congrats to Marilyn who posted comments on the site. I feel encouraged and deeply touched to have the support- thanks. You're the winner of my post a comment segment. Look for your goodie bag in the mail.

Second thing- today was my shorty's first day of school. That is going to be fun to scrap. I actually did not have to deal with resistance from her this year to take photos. I wanted to preserve all the feelings of anxiousness and excitement that accompany "all firsts" so I conducted a little interview with her while she ate her breakfast.
Just a word to the wise be careful what you ask it may totally backfire on you!

This is the first year that I have had the privilege to be home with one of my children (for a little while anyway). The other is already in college so I can appreciate how quickly the time passes & how important these moments truly are in life.

Little Lucky lexy had her mom walk her to the bus stop all the while taking candid shots along the way. My only saving grace and the one thing that kept her from totally losing it was that other parents were out in full force with their cameras & video cams too. Thank goodness!

Hope all your firsts are filled with fun, family, friends, faith & fond memories.

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